New Soylent discounts

Not sure how long they will last for, but there is currently a 35%-45% off flash sale going on on (coupon code: MEALDEAL) and a 35%+ coupon on Amazon for Soylent.



Sigh. Ok I guess now is a good time to finally try cacao… Even with the discount it’s more expensive than my existing 2.0 sub… (For 24 it was more like a 20% discount)


The discount is on a maximum of one box, so the second box was charged at full price.

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Lol! I guess I should have ordered less!

I don’t see where to enter the coupon code.

Never mind. I see the discount is only on subscriptions. :frowning:

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But go ahead and subscribe! You can cancel before more of the subscription is delivered.


I’m sorry to tell you something you probably don’t want to hear, but I think it must be said. I avoid coupons, or to be honest I should say I hate coupons. I always try to avoid the strings attached such as subscriptions, membership “loyalty” programs, mailing lists, telephone marketing or personal data that can be hacked. I’m also afraid of online coupons because I wonder if the data about me gets tracked and shared and possibly hacked or sold without my consent when the privacy policy changes. So I’d rather pay the 30 percent more and see what I get for the money I paid. The items at the top of my shopping list are usually items sold at a consistently reasonable price and consistently has reasonable quality. I hope Soylent items can be made available and easy to get. Coupons are too “expensive” to deal with.

It many cases, you may be right. In this case I have found zero difficulties with accepting these offers and you are wrong. Be my guest at paying 30% extra; I appreciate it!