New "Soylent Experience" category?


Can a new Discourse category be created for Soylent experiences?
@rob @JulioMiles @codinghorror @ana


Yeah, great suggestion!

edit: done!


Nice!! Much needed… thanks guys :slight_smile:


Is it just me or can you not change the category of a post after the fact??


Someone else was able to, so I’d assume you can as well.


When I try I have only one available category - “uncategorized”


Why dont you try changing containers?



@vanclute just changed your thread to this category, sounds like admins might be the only ones able to retroactively change categories. I went back and changed all the relevant threads I saw, but please let me know of any I missed.


Cool thanks @JulioMiles!


So FYI, I can now edit the category on an existing post, but “Soylent Experience” is not one of the available choices.


Looks to be fixed now. Thanks! :slight_smile: