New Soylent Flavor


What do you think the next flavor will or should be? I think it will likely be along the lines of something of a familiar face such as caramel, honey, or banana.

My Top 2 Picks:

What are you Top 2 Picks for the New Flavor?


I would love banana or peanut butter! The new flavors have been wonderful.


+1 banana!

peanut butter sounds good too.


Root beer float. I think that would be a great product


Hmm. How about pumpkin spice for the holiday season? Pumpkin spice flavors are very popular this time of year.


God I miss Soylent food bars. :sob:


I miss Soylent everything in general but with you on the Soylent bars. Maybe the @soylent_team is working on a bar reformulation.


From a Reddit AMA with Rob & the current CEO (and Conor) from February:

Are food bars ever coming back or are they gone forever?

[–]SoylentCEOVerified[S] [score hidden] 5 hours ago
We are really focused on expanding the Drink platform and working on new innovation so no plans to re-launch the bars. - Bryan

[–]RobAttrell [score hidden] 5 hours ago
This is very sad. I loved each and every one of the 35 bars I ate (my wife had one), and I’ve missed them dearly since. I haven’t really found anything that replaces them fully. Sorry to hear they won’t be returning.

[–]Superior347 [score hidden] 5 hours ago
Thanks. Disappointing to hear, but glad to know to stop expecting them.

[–]vdogg89 [score hidden] 5 hours ago
It’s really strange that you guys launched bars and decided to kill the entire product because of digestion issues. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to re-formulate the recipe rather than build out entirely new products?

[–]SoylentconorSoylent[:cake:] 11 points 4 hours ago
It’s a widely competitive market. With many established brands. It takes at more effort to break into. In a grocery store the bar isle can have upwards for 40 brands. But for ready to drink meals that number is often times much smaller.


How about a kola flavored soylent if possible.


We’ll keep you posted when we have news to share! Lots of new products in the works, always.

— John


Wait, i just found out, cola drinks increase depression. So i would like to take back my suggestion.


That’s a humongous leap. I’ve only found one study by the American Academy of Neurology that showed a tenuous correlation between sweetened beverages and risk of depression in seniors, but not enough to suggest a cause. Even if there is a cause, it would seem to be sweeteners rather than cola flavor.


I felt it personally too but not with other softdrinks. Ofcourse after i posted that post. And what if there is only one study because only one study was conducted?

Also since i suggested it, i felt more responsible so i recommended they dont do it.