New Soylent Logo?


I notice that there is a new Soylent logo on the official blog:

Is this replacing the previous version?


yup! it’s still evolving, but this is a pretty solid indication of what we’re going with.


But you’re pouring it into a glass that’s already full…


Great - So can we expect a black t-shirt with this white logo anytime soon?


Can we keep the the ? It makes me think of Super Food


I’m also curious as to whether the is planned to remain as a secondary logo, or be replaced entirely. The new one definitely looks sleeker as a branding graphic, but I could still see the other one perhaps being used here and there as more of an “icon”. Sort of how like many products have both a full, package-labeling logo, and a smaller simple image that is a well-known symbol of the brand.



  • White background, black letters and black box: BEST.
  • Hexagon-S as secondary logo: VERY VERY GOOD.  Really hope it appears on product packaging.
  • White letters (and box) good as optional logo for dark backgrounds and dark/black t-shirts.

Example: ad of product pouring into a (full) glass would look better with logo being a white background, black letters and black box. And Please re-shoot ad, with glass less than 100% full. There is a lot of O.C.D. in your prospect pool including me.

Finally: Don’t change anything till you’ve invested a few $10k for some focus groups. To save those $$$ just crowdsource your design ideas with people who’ve already committed money to pre-orders.