New soylent orders



I only heard about Soylent tonight on the Colbert Report. I’ve wondered for ages where something like this could be found. So my question is about ordering my own. The purchase link says new orders will ship in 10-12 weeks? Is that correct? Can someone bring me up to speed on this? If I ordered it right now would it really not get to me until October/November?


They have a serious backlog at the moment.
And its US only btw.
No international shipping yet.


Yes, seriously. A lot of people are pretty frustrated about this. All because they love and desire Soylent so much, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I guess this is why people are buying homemade “DIY” soylent in the meantime from people like myself. (heh, shameless plug, sorry) :wink:


The only way to get it faster is on eBay from individuals selling. I think if you are really interested its best to get in the queue now, and maybe they will surprise us with a faster ramp up time.


Haha, oh man, that’s rich.

Tons of new orders, and that’s when they can suddenly fulfill them faster. I would sooner wager that they’re going to extend the wait time for new orders if there’s an order boom from this.

If things stay on the 10-12 week schedule, an order on July 12th would ship August 21st to September 4th.

They started shipments a little over a month ago, and are fulfilling them by order of shipment size to people that paid before Soylent was available. They should be done with those around the end of this month, but the company is also immediately processing reorders for anyone that has already received Soylent.

No one has any idea what the queue time is going to look like in several months.


Your best option is to go here and order/make your own it’s not hard at all.

Or you can order from others on the forum as stated above.


Like NoFlames said, theres a small chance that new orders might get out earlier than 10-12 weeks… the fact is that they give that timeframe to avoid disapointment if they don’t make it before whatever else they might have stated.

Right now they are shipping out preorders for people who ordered 1 month worth of soylent, next will be the 3 weeks, then 2 and then 1 weeks… after they are out, they will probably begin shipping newer orders.

Last I heard they had at least 20k+ orders of Soylent which might be even higher now… not to mention all the international people like myself who are waiting “patiently” for when they begin shipping to Europe and such


If it were me. I’d keep my ears open too for a local you could befriend or friend who has had a delivery already and see if they would allow you to tack your order on with their reorder for the time being. Since reorders only have a 1-2 week wait… But that’s more of a secondary plan


I found out about Soylent right away. I decided not to order at that time as I was weary of crowd funding in general but I kept an eye on things. After reading numerous beta reviews and watching them generally move towards a finished product I became “seriously” interested. I also realized that the reality of what they were attempting to do is incredibly frightening to anyone with small business / start-up experience. After foolishly getting tied up in an order a few months ago I finally decided if I wanted to do this, I didn’t have to wait for the “official” thing. I quickly learned the DIY community was vibrant, active, sharing, and really just amazing supportive. Against the best wishes of my wife I spent $300 + blindly buying ingredients. It’s now been two months roughly and I regret nothing. I started with People Chow 3.01 and recommend it to anyone who doesn’t hate the taste of tortillas. I’ve since moved onto a Ketogenic recipe (Quid’s Ketofood) and find it a better match for nutritional needs including base calorie value and micro/macro makeup. I’ve become much more comfortable playing with the DIY stuff and changing recipes to suit my particular needs. I say all this because I’m not a cook, I’m just another regular busy guy with a house, wife, 40-50 hour a week job, etc. Anyone can do the DIY and if you want to get on the “revolution” that Soylent represents sooner than later, take it into your hands and simply do it today, buy the ingredients, and commit to it :slight_smile: My goal now is to stay on DIY for the next 90-120 days, let Rob and the folks get things smooth and good, and at that point depending on weight/nutritional needs I will re-evaluate staying on a Ketogenic DIY formula vs trying out the official stuff. I will likely still end up a customer but I have also learned to take a lot of value from mixing and blending my own ideal recipe. It’s a bit like cooking in a perverted way.


Hey @b_ward, if you wouldn’t mind sliding into the other post about how Rob did on the show, I think it would be cool to have a small critique/what made you interested since you came from the Colbert bump.

Good luck always - cheers


Yes, it may not get to you until November. No, I’m not telling you which year.


If I buy my first order and then immediately buy a second order, will that second order come in 1-2 weeks or do I have to wait until I actually receive the first order to take advantage of the reorder shipping period?


hah, that made me laugh :smiley: the reorder thing is from after you get your first shipment.-


Not on the 2nd or 3rd, but if you submit six^3 orders you will be good to go.