New Soylent Original is too sweet

I’ve been ordering Soylent Original ready-to-drink for years, pretty much since it came out. The reason I always liked it was because it had a pretty neutral, not sweet taste. I figured the other flavors - Cacao, Vanilla - were for people who wanted a sweet drink, and Original was for people like me.

But with the new formula, it’s almost like Original has turned into the new Vanilla (which no longer exists as its own flavor). I was really surprised, and disappointed, by the sweet vanilla aftertaste when I opened my first bottle.

I drink Soylent as a meal, not as a desert. I don’t need or want a load of artificial sweeteners every day. I’m so bummed that there’s no longer a ready-to-drink option to fill that niche - Original was the reason I always stuck with Soylent over Huel, but if both companies are only going to offer sweet drinks then Soylent doesn’t have an edge anymore.