New Soylent Original is too sweet

I’ve been ordering Soylent Original ready-to-drink for years, pretty much since it came out. The reason I always liked it was because it had a pretty neutral, not sweet taste. I figured the other flavors - Cacao, Vanilla - were for people who wanted a sweet drink, and Original was for people like me.

But with the new formula, it’s almost like Original has turned into the new Vanilla (which no longer exists as its own flavor). I was really surprised, and disappointed, by the sweet vanilla aftertaste when I opened my first bottle.

I drink Soylent as a meal, not as a desert. I don’t need or want a load of artificial sweeteners every day. I’m so bummed that there’s no longer a ready-to-drink option to fill that niche - Original was the reason I always stuck with Soylent over Huel, but if both companies are only going to offer sweet drinks then Soylent doesn’t have an edge anymore.


I tried one bottle of the new “Original” flavor today and didn’t really care for it. I have a few bottles of the old original left so I will consume those first and then hopefully get used to the new formula. I absolutely loved the original “Original” and stuck with it after trying a few of the flavors.

Frankly, I like this new flavor. I like this sweetness :slightly_smiling_face:

Agreed it’s nauseatingly / sickeningly sweet and not only that has a distinct and offensive / nauseating molasses flavour.

Definitely not for me and I’m canceling my subscription / probably throwing out the new «natural» flavoured boxes I just received


I don’t think they’re changing the powdered Original (at least I hope not??). Maybe that’s an option for you?

I concur. The new formula is too sweet and has an awful aftertaste. I also suspect its making my stomach hurt, but I’m too afraid and disgusted to drink another bottle. Really disappointed since RTD has been my go to breakfast for years.


I felt the same way when I got my first ‘optimized’ original RTD. But now I don’t notice the sweetness and aftertaste anymore and can drink it without problems.

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I have the exact same thoughts…I liked the neutral flavor. After having a subscription for many years I will likely be cancelling.


If it ain’t broken dont fix it. Why did RF change the taste of the original soylent. It was perfect before.


They’ve added Allulose, which you can google but as I read it, Allulose has most of the sweetness of sugar but has fewer calories and metabolizes differently so makes it preferable in that sense. Then again, maybe it tastes different. I’m not defending the new RTD. I haven’t tried it. I was going to shift to all powder but with all the talk about the new RTD I may get another order out of curiosity.

Here is a paragraph from the FDA website.

“Allulose is a low-calorie sweetener that is naturally occurring in small amounts in wheat, fruits such as raisins and dried figs, and in other sweet foods such as brown sugar and molasses. It can also be manufactured. While allulose has a chemical structure similar to other sugars, it is not metabolized by the body in the same way as most sugars and does not contribute the same number of calories.”

It’s not just Original. IMO Coffiest has been ruined by an increase in sweetness as well, it’s almost undrinkable for me. I think the new sweetener might be tolerable if the amount is just lowered. It’s way too sweet right now.

Maybe allulose has lesser calories, but optimised is cloyingly sweet. More people seem to like the taste of original soylent. Why change the taste, when people didnt have complaints about the taste of the original?

And I just read complaints about some people getting diarrhoea from the optimised one.


Strongly agree with the top post here. The optimized Original RTD is VERY sweet, with a strong “maple syrup” profile. In the previous formula, I could barely taste any sweetness at all. I know there were sweeteners in it, but the overall flavor was pleasant and neutral. Now it’s cloying and loud.

I wonder if it’s a “different people process tastes differently” situation? Maybe some don’t taste it quite so strongly?

Anyway, I have no desire to drink the two cases of Soylent now wasting space in my fridge. It’s been 4 years, but I’m pausing/cancelling my subscription. They literally don’t make it like they used to…


I agree with the majority of posts here. I buy the Original flavor because it is bland. It’s a mental thing, but it tastes “healthier”. I also sometimes buy Cacao or Strawberry, but I know that when I am buying those I will be drinking something sweet and wont necessarily have them every day.