New Soylent Powder Tubs

If most of the premium is retail mark up, it kinda scares me to think what drink will cost if/when we ever see it in vending machines…

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Drama drama drama.

  1. RL wants to expand into the retail space.
  2. RL did research and found out that there’s a market for a tub of this size.
  3. RL also researched what price point the market would bear.
  4. RL can’t sell the same tub for less on their own website or else the retailers would consider that unfair competition and they would not carry the product.
  5. RL is offering the new tub at the regular retail price on their own website for those who want it but are unable to find it at a local retailer.
  6. You are not the target demographic for this new product.
  7. The price for the product that you have been purchasing has not been affected.
  8. The availability of the product that you have been purchasing has not been affected. Therefore…
  9. This has no effect on you.
  10. If you are still upset by the arrival of this new product or it’s price, breath several times into a paper bag.

It just looks really stupid on the website is all (for a number of reasons), IMO. I think people realize they can still buy what they normally buy…

Yes but it feels like a precursor to “pouches are no longer available” or something along those lines. Death by 1000 cuts does not come all at once, it is a slow process. And it feels like this is a step in a direction that leaves us all paying 180% more than we are now. Which don’t get me wrong, it is Rosa Labs prerogative to charge whatever they want for their product and they don’t owe me a damn thing as their customer, I just think if they don’t show me loyalty as a customer I will not return loyalty. The only people that will buy this are idiots that did no research, or rich people that don’t have to balance a checkbook.

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No, it’s not. I’m trying to work with the team to get a better pouch designed. We have lot of powder plans in the works, all of them pouch related.


Going into retail doesn’t automatically mean price increases. That fact becomes obvious when you see that while Best Buy is allowed to display and sell MacBooks, they are contractually required to sell them at the same price as you would find them on

It comes down two things (one is a subset of the other):

  1. what rules you establish with the retail outlets, which is partially dependent on:
    (2) how important your brand/product is. If it is considered novel or special enough, like iPads, then the “power” is essentially on the side of the manufacturer/producer; allowing the latter to set as many stipulations are they want

If your product is sort of generic, or your brand not well known, then the power is more on the side of the retail outlet, so it’s more about accepting the usual rules of the retail outlet (our store has the right to display your brand wherever we feel like placing it, we can mark it down 50% if we decide we want to get rid of it, etc.)

It sounds complicated but it really boils down to power balances in the “relationship” and how the contract details are negotiated, but its very rarely a winner|loser thing, it’s more like “if you agree with my condition A, I will agree with your conditions 3 and 4.”

Obviously not. Just read what is being said here and on Reddit. People are seriously freaking out over this and it’s kind of funny/sad, saying it’s not worth it or it’s not justified, or claiming that prices are being raised and threatening to take their business elsewhere. Meanwhile prices for the products we buy have either stayed the same (2.0) or gone down (powder).

A lot of business experts have come out of the woodworks to explain exactly what RL is doing wrong. I wonder why they don’t submit their resumés so that RL can take advantage of such knowledge.


Ignoring all this Powder Tub / Reddit required reading / backlash to the backlash nonsense that I don’t care about… did powder price go down recently or are you talking about when it was $85 in the beginning? Hasn’t it been $54/$64 for ~2 years now? 2.0 stayed the same price? I was late to the 2.0 party but when I first started ordering it, it was $29 a case, and now it is $32.30. Are we talking about the same thing, or did I have a reading comprehension fail.

EDIT: Oh, wtf, this is the feedback thread? Whoops. Uhhh the Powder Tub detonates a logic bomb in my brain when I’m on my sub page and I see that the Powder Tub is more expensive than my grandfathered 2.0 sub. There I did it.


I appreciate that this thread was started. I had the same questions as most of you. I also appreciate that there have been new products developed regardless of whether or not I’m interested in buying them.

I didn’t see an answer to this one yet. Anybody know?


well that was a dramatic post


I wouldn’t expect refrigeration to be required, or a shortened shelf life. It’s a dry powder. Like flour, sugar, protein powder, etc. Can you think of even one example of a dry powder that needs refrigeration upon opening the container? The closest I can think of myself is coffee grounds to preserve flavor, but I doubt even that is very common.

It’s possible that Soylent powder is a bizarre exception, but if that were the case I’d expect Rosa Labs to be quite explicit about it.

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Wouldn’t the flavor be degraded simply by the coffee beans already being ground? (Just what I’ve heard from CoffeeBros)

As a non coffee drinker I am totally not an expert on coffee flavor, or the steps needed to achieve it. Anything I say on the topic should be taken with a lot of cream and sugar. :sunglasses:


I wouldn’t be too surprised by a shortened shelf life, once the canister is opened. Probably something on the order of 30-60 days though, with the risks being that it would start to get stale or the nutrients might start to degrade.

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More likely clumping from moisture.

I have been observing soylent and its development for more than two and half years. People at RF, have been very open-minded, responsive towards many things people on this forum have asked. Far more than what we usually expect from a company. They have shown genuine concern if there was anything remotely concerning about the product. Even if they could have gotten away without rectifying it like many companies do if they can, RF didnt. They are a genuinely nice people who are not just in it for the money. I am not some star struck fanboy or sheep of RF saying this, i really know they are…based on observing them since the last couple of years.

Remember this is still a start-up which means…they will have unique financial pressures in the sense that they will have less bargaining power with suppliers etc. As is usually the case with small companies, suppliers demand more money if they see the company is depending more and more on them and if they think they can get away with it. Also food prices are dictated a lot by commodity futures trading markets, which can be very volatile. These kinds of things must be eating into their operating costs.

So people need to allow them some leeway in pricing.

Also you still have access to pouches at the same earlier price, right?


Yes, I will continue my powder subscription unchanged. This just felt like a slap in the face of loyal powder customers that have been lobbying for a container to replace these god awful zipper bags and when it finally arrives it is 180% more than my current subscription. I have read the explanations and understand that in this instance I am not the target customer, and I have been doing this long enough so that I don’t really have to deal with the zippers because I put them in a container a weeks worth at a time, this post was written the day they came out and no reason for the huge price increase was given.

Indeed the Powder tub is very expensive. It looks like to me that they purposely priced the meal to be $4.50. Thats what comes out in my table for the tub:

In my table each meal is 670 cal/meal (2000 cals/day and 3 meals/day).

If the tub is $18.50 instead of its current price $32.30, only then its price matches that of the pouches.

If they say they want to be profitable, how is that the tub is so expensive, an increase of 75% over the pouches?

Basically they dont care anymore how much the product costs to make. They just want to charge the maximum they can charge. They think if we go to a Fastfood place and get a meal for $5, that should also be the price for a Soylent meal.

Producing food in bulk doesnt cost much to make. Thats why the original powder price is $2.57/meal (for a 700 cal/meal). Thats when they were honest and wanted to create a customer base. Now they have the customer base and they want to see how much they can get away with.

The powder doesnt take more volume in the tub compared to the pouches. It takes the same volume so its the same weight/volume ratio and therefore shipping charges should be the same. Mass producing anything such a plastic tub should be cheap.
They should try making a tub with 15000 calories (box of 7 pouches) instead of 4800 which is what the tub is right now. That should lower the total cost. I dont believe it still justifies the 75% increase.

Lets hope the pouch price stays the same. I know they dont want anyone to look at the table I made. Thats the problem with companies. We the consumers are kept in the dark and profits must be maximized and honesty and transparency is not important.

This is not true. Originally the Tub was never going to be on the It was priced to be competitive in the retail space. We adopted the philosophy that no product we sell should be exempt from purchasing on However we CANNOT undercut our retail partners. We are too small of an entity and too new of a product to undersell any partners we have.


Hey man, how about doing the slightest amount of reading, even just in this thread, before telling someone what they are thinking or how they feel about something. Soylent has been very clear about the reason for the price of the tubs.

Yeah, they are afraid of your scary basic math skills.