New Soylent product names/branding

What do you think of this idea…naming the products by color… Just for branding, not the actual color of the product itself… The packaging and bottles would look exactly the same as they currently do, except with the color added behind the Soylent logo

For example,

Soylent White for plain Soylent,
Soylent Blue for GMO and Soy-Free Soylent
Soylent Orange for Increased Calorie Soylent
Soylent Green for 100% Algal Soylent
Soylent Red for hydration and energy Soylent
Soylent Yellow for the coffee Soylent,
Soylent Brown for chocolate,
Soylent Grey for Milk and Oat/Rice/Fish oil-based Soylent (Non-vegan)
Soylent Purple for Keto Soylent,
Soylent Pink for Female optimized Soylent
Soylent Black for Bodybuilding/workout soylent

And include a version number on each one, indication where it is in development.


This topic has been covered, here: Facebook ads getting repetitive flack

Thanks. Really that topic was bad feedback on Facebook ads. The color branding idea just came to me so I thought I’d start a new discussion on the colors topic since I didn’t see much discussion on it.

I know nothing about branding but I think part of the ground rule is the name should be evocative of something, while colors usually aren’t evocative. Diet Coke communicates the point: reducing calories/sugar. Soylent Green might be a one-time punchline but it doesn’t clearly communicate that it’s made of algae. Soylent Organic might get the environmental gist across better. Likewise “Soylent Brown” doesn’t call to mind chocolate.

Tangentially, I don’t think there would be a female optimized Soylent as that’s what we currently have. There would be a male optimized version with about half the iron.

Doesn’t Soylent already have quite a lot of water and energy in it?

[quote=“pauldwaite, post:5, topic:25825”]
Doesn’t Soylent already have quite a lot of water and energy in it?
[/quote]Soylent provides about 1/2 the water you need.

And yes, it as pretty high energy density.

We do this on our pinterest page!


The products I mentioned were theoretical. Fictional at best… I was just thinking of the colour scheme really, not the actual formulations, those were just placeholders.

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From what I have gathered there are no immediate plans to offer different Soylent formulas.

Platforms yes, like powder, liquid, paste, bar.

Soylent powder is called, "Powder."
Soylent liquid is called, “Drink.”

I am going to assume that a Soylent bar will be called, “Bar.” Paste will be called paste - perhaps pudding for a more welcoming sounding name.

But I will let @conor speak for RL.

I was hoping there would be a Soylent Green as well, @conor burst that bubble on that last post. :wink:

Judging by the survey they sent out recently, I’d expect them sooner rather than later.

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I didn’t get that survey, a lot of people didn’t receive it. I would suspect that they would grow their offerings, but on such a small subset of responses? I am going to assume it was for discussion on what products to expand out to next but I am going to wager we don’t see a new product offering from RL for six months to a year - beta products maybe. Different packaging and quantity, sure.

However, with RL pulling 1.5 and not keeping it side by side with 1.6 - a lot of people with soy allergies had to discontinue using Soylent all together. If they had plans to produce multiple versions of Soylent I would think they would have kept both on the market.

They say Great minds think alike.

Food Factories-New brand for franchising and joint ventures. It will read ’ by … Food Factory’ on this line of product.
Soylent-original powder based product, no franchise. By Rosa Labs, of course.
Bread from Food Factories- again, like Soylent, yet in the form factor and the taste of bread. Should be franchised deep into neighbourhoods with localised names.
Milk from Food Factories- again, like Soylent, yet in the form factor and the taste of milk. Should be franchised into city level with localised names.
Flour from Food Factories- Soylent-based flour for cooking. Should be franchised into city level with localised names.
For example, a Turkish “Milk” will read “Süt, Çamlıca Gıda Fabrikasından”(Çamlıca is a real town in İstanbul).

No new name suggestions?

I’m not sure I get the whole idea, but I like the substitute name of “Klim” for milk.

Toilet Destroyer 2000 ™

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I’d eat me some brioche Soylent, or better yet, pain au chocolat. :yum:

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