New Soylent Scoops?


With 1.4 changing the serving size, what’s the situation with previous subscribers’ commemorative Soylent Scoops? Will there be new smaller scoops created to reflect the smaller portions? Will new customers be given an appropriately sized scoop to match the new serving sizes? Will those of us who already bought one of the larger scoops be offered a discount on purchasing smaller scoops?


Answering most of my own question with a hidden post.


My guess is that we will NOT get a discount on the new scoops and will have to bear the entire $8 or so cost ourselves. Personally, I have never used the scoop because I never make one serving.


I don’t use scoops because I find weighing easier to do than trying to tidily scoop this stuff into the opening of a blender bottle.



Same here, although I do use a scoop to scoop the powder out of the bag and into the blender bottle. But I don’t measure with the scoop - I use a cheap scale. I find a round scoop works easier for scooping out of a bag. I’m using the RSVP Endurance 1/4 cup scoop myself. My official Soylent scoop just sits in the box with my pitcher.


The water quantities listed on that post don’t seem right - that’s a 2:1 ratio. I’m drinking Soylent 1.4 right now prepared with a 1:1 ratio, just like the instructions from the previous versions, and it tastes just fine - a 2:1 ratio would make it super watery.