New Soylent user here

Hey all. Just wanted to introduce myself and give my initial impressions on Soylent.

My name is Sal, I’m 42, and currently 330 lbs. Weight has been a life long struggle of up and down for me. What’s worse, is that it’s not even about eating, it’s more a psychological problem for me, as food has always been my comfort zone. I’m actually quite healthy for my size, but that can still always improve :).

About a year ago, my friend Jess told me about Soylent. I was pretty intrigued. I have said for years to myself, “why can’t someone just make something that’s fuel for the human body, without having to think about or put effort into preparing foods and counting calories?”. Well, I guess Soylent is just that. However, the 6-8 month wait time back then always kept me from taking the plunge.

Fast forward to last month. I just about reached the end of my rope with not eating right, bad food habits, and feeling like crap lately. I checked the Soylent site again and saw the wait time was now 4-5 months. I figured what the hell…if I’d decided this 4 months ago, I’d have it now. So I ordered it.

To my surprise, it came only three weeks later. And of course it’s the new 1.4 version. My “plan”, was to jump right in, to 100% Soylent intake, because I wanted to drop my calorie count down to lose weight. I figured on my days off, I would treat myself to eating out, and having something sensible.

I’ve only been on Soylent for 3 days now. My first impression, was that it’s not exactly delicious, but it’s not bad either. Definitely drinkable as is for me. However, the 1.4 flavor thread got me interested in that MilkSplash stuff, and it seems to be a nice extra touch. The first day and a half I did feel a headache, then realized I wasn’t getting enough water, so fixed that the second day.

I have to admit, I already feel a difference. I guess the best way to describe the feeling is that I feel “balanced”. I haven’t felt any ups or downs in how I feel over the past few days. I thought dropping down to only 2000 calories would leave me feeling hungry, but I actually have not felt that at all. I’m already starting to look forward to that Soylent shake now.

So even though it’s very early, I am quite pleased so far. I’ll keep this thread updated as time goes on, and and any input is always appreciated :smile:


Welcome! I am also a large person (5’11" 366lb) and have had the same struggles as you. Soylent has helped me lose 8lbs in two weeks switching out 2 meals 6 days a week. I still eat one meal a day and that keeps me going.

The cool thing about Soylent is how you can mix other stuff into it to keep the flavor dynamic and exciting.

I would suggest to make sure you are not going too hard, too fast and get burned out. You didn’t put that weight on over night and it will not come off overnight as well, but Soylent definitely helps in the process.

Welcome again to the Soylent community!


I’m going pretty easy on it for now, about one meal a day, and even from that I’ve noticed some effects: mainly that I wake up much faster. I’ve never been a morning person, and the only times I would be fully awake upon opening my eyes was when I had a good 12-hour sleep.

Now, even on the 7 or so I get during the work week, I spring awake with no problems.

In all honesty, I’m not sure I like it. There’s definitely the aspect of time efficiency that appeals to me, but I really like sleeping for a longass time.

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Exact same experience here, and I’ve always been a night person. But now when I wake up, even if it’s 7am… I go from zero to ready for any mental challenges of any kind in an instant. It’s pretty weird and even though it’s been nearly a year of Soylent for me now, it still amazes me every day. :smile:

Welcome aboard!

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I went head first into the liquid diet replacing 90% of my meals with 100%Food. I’m losing 20 lbs. a month and I am super excited. I now use Soylent and 100%Food interchangeably.

I went from 395 lbs. to 380 lbs. by just cutting fast food. Then, I went from 380 to 360lbs by continuing to cut fast food and exercising regularly. I absolutely could not break 360 lbs. I would go down to 357 and I immediately would be above 360 the next time I weighed myself. I went from 360 to 327 by replacing my meals with a liquid diet and continuing to exercise regularly (walking a half hour a day).

The best part is I am not scared of gaining it all back because I am not hungry! I AM NOT HUNGRY! Before starting a liquid diet, I used to starve myself and I would crash hard. I would get so hungry that I would run to a burger joint and get 6-8 burgers strong.

I feel calm as I’m losing this weight; almost like it’s no big deal. I’m trying to get down to my clinically-approved weight of 199 lbs; if you can believe that.