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While I give Rob credit for actually making Soylent, something I’m sure thousands of people have thought of doing but never had the follow through, myself include, but as a spokesperson for the company he is dreadfully robotic and not personable. How can you get someone excited about your product when you yourself look like you need a nap. Again good job on the product, but I think for the future you need to hire a PR rep.


I disagree with this.


So you enjoy is monotone speech pattern.


I actually like the fact that Rob is not overselling his product, but just tells objectively what it is.

He is like under promise and over deliver. Let people like @vanclute go crazy about how good soylent is, if enough people will like it, they will do the selling story for Rob.


I disagree as well…


I enjoy Rob’s personality. He is very minimalist, even in how he communicates.

Kind of reminds me of a few certain big names. The late Jobs being one of them. Although ironically I wasn’t a big fan of Steve.


I think it was great that they used Rob. It’s his baby, after all… I think it really even needs to be him, at least in the beginning. I wouldn’t mind seeing supplemental spokespeople as time goes on. People like Ray Kurzweil, for example. Though I suppose maybe he lacks the mainstream sexiness that a well-known actor/actress/athlete might bring.


Yep, gonna have to agree with this and not the OP.


You clearly don’t know how business works. You think that box of cereal is red because the company likes the color? No it’s called market research. How about the height placement at the store? Eye level of the children riding in the carts.The only people he’ll sell to are hipsters and people with weird food aversions like himself.


I want the person creating my Soylent to be robotic and analytical. It’s more likely everything will be put together methodically and correctly.


I’m not here to run a business. I don’t have to care how business works.

I like Rob. I like Soylent.
I don’t care if it is marketed to the lowest common denominator. I would rather have Soylent succeed on its merits rather than the merits of the marketing firm/team promoting it.


Profoundly disagree. I’m in marketing myself and I can’t imagine a better spokesperson for this company at this stage of development.

Granted, if this were an idea ready for acceptance by the masses (think teenie boppers all the way to grandpas) he probably wouldn’t be the right fit. But this is still a pretty radical idea (try explaining it to your mom’s friends if you don’t believe me) and the kind of early adopter who will give it a shot wants to see the wizard and hear the story.

There’s also an element of whether or not you should trust him with your nutrition. I wouldn’t have bought into Soylent if it were some frat boy’s idea because I would assume he was probably reckless and didn’t have the kind of knowledge and discipline it would take to develop such a product and bring it to market. There’s something about Rob that tips you off that he’s not some average guy. Everything from his intonation to his word choice speaks of a logical, no-nonsense personality. So yeah, not the kind of guy you’d want to put on your commercial for, but exactly the kind of guy you want to showcase as the creator of the food of the future.

Finally, people LOVE stories, and right now Rob is the story of Soylent. Sure, one day someone will write a book about all the crazy things that are no doubt happening at Soylent HQ as we speak, but for the time being all the world knows is that some kid made food obsolete for himself and then offered a sip to the rest of us.

If you’re looking for the kind of slick marketing companies like Apple put out, don’t worry. With success, that will come. For now, its time to raise the garage door and meet food’s first Steve Jobs/Wozniak. I suspect we’re going to be seeing a lot of him moving forward.

EDIT: Im bad a speling.


Exactly, I mean, I was watching from some “raw health expert/guru” today. It was really funny. He was like excited, true. I mean why raw food let your body connect with the earth and so on. Then some guy in the public ask some very good scientific question, then this “expert” replied something like: “I’m not interested in chemistry, that is the most boring subject ever, I’m interested in the spiritual side of raw food, blablabla”.

For some people, this may sell, but for some people, this will also be the reason, to not take someone like that to seriously.


Ever watch the Futurama episode about how slurm is made? How do we know Soylent isn’t Rob juice?


This evokes memories of certain early discussion threads here re: soylent 0.8 appearance. Ewwwwwwwwww


No, it is:
I’m bad at spelling

I’m bad a spelling

:stuck_out_tongue: sorry couldn’t resist, I’m pretty sure worse !


That was the idea, but you missed the fact that I didn’t spell “spelling” right either :smile:


Okay, I’m autistic as well ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Rob does a fine job. Soylent has an aesthetic that is very well put together. The new site is clean and gets straight to the facts, and Rob’s objectivity fits in perfectly with all that.

I would rather have Soylent succeed on its merits rather than the merits of the marketing firm/team promoting it.

This. Remember that Soylent is about shattering our current norms. Soylent is revolutionizing nutrition and the way we think about food. Marketing is simply going back to what everyone else is doing. Soylent is getting more than the marketing it needs at no cost because people will talk about it. Articles are being written about it, and the site does a darn good job at showcasing the product. What more do we want?

Also. Marketing will raise costs to sell the product. The current spokesperson is fine. No need to hire another one. I’m sure a lot of members here will be more than happy to become unofficial spokespersons as well.


I think Rob is a great spokesperson for all the reasons already stated. I would just like him to smile on occasion. He seems so morose! I don’t need him to be jumping up & down excited about the product, but I would just like to imagine that he’s really happy about it.