New to Backerkit, just looking for some info!


Hey everybody! Happy to be here, and excited to try Soylent! I’ve been following this product for a while, and as soon as I found out it was commercially available (I don’t trust myself to make a DIY Soylent!) I eagerly threw money at them.

I bought the 1 Month Supply and 1 66oz AirTight Pitcher, I’m just curious when it will arrive? I accepted the order and it says its waiting for a “lockdown date”? I’ve never used backerkit or anything like it before so I am very noobish.

Is the lockdown date there for my convenience or for their convenience?

i.e, can I lock it down now and give them the money, and get my Soylent faster?

Also, after some testing to see how I do with it, if I ordered more, would it get here faster?

Thanks everyone! Soylent Ftw!


They will ship their 1 month orders first, then 2 week orders, then 1 week orders. Within each section, its first come first serve. However, that is for the Soylent product, it sounded like the extras would be shipped separately though the exact time frame wasn’t disclosed to us as far as I know.

I believe the lockdown date was so they wouldn’t get additional orders while the final product was being made, and thus, end up being short of product. Currently they only are making so much of a supply, and they haven’t said when/if they’ll make another batch. However since they ordered more than they had orders placed, some re-orders will get their renewed supply faster, but as said, its a limited supply.

Last I knew they had moved to another city in California (I currently forget which), and had received additional funding other investors. It is my assumption that they are using this additional funding to make their own production center, but I haven’t seen any statements about it yet. Once such a facility is made, you can expect a quicker resupply.


The lockdown date is the last day you can make changes to your Backerkit order. After that day, the order is indeed "locked in."
I believe a month of Soylent includes a takeya pitcher automatically, but I can’t guarantee it.


if i recall correctly, it was any preorder that got the air tight pitcher, though I don’t know if any new orders will get it.


Wow, can anyone confirm this? Cause that’d be awesome. Then I’d be able to buy those Soylent Steel Cups!

Even though I’m positive there is no definitive answer, I have to ask, when do you think my order will ship/arrive?


The best way to get an answer from the official soylent team about who gets a pitcher is to tag either @rob or @JulioMiles in the thread.


Thanks, I’ll do that asap, but…

How exactly do I do that…?


I already did it. :smile: (You do the @sign and then the user’s name.)


Thanks buddy! I really appreciate the help!