New to Soylent and DIY Soylent - Help?


Hello All,

I am a 250lb, 5’10" male who spends way too much time eating junk food and would like to make a change. I am fairly active doing some variation of physical exercise daily. I wanted to try this avenue however I do not know enough about nutrition to choose an appropriate DIY recipe.

I checked out the site however there are just too many options to choose from and I did not notice a rating system that would tell me if the user had created something good or harmful. I am allergic to soy and I did notice that the most promising recipes seemed to use soy protein. I would like to lose weight while still retaining enough energy to exercise in the mornings and function throughout the day.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Let me know where to begin and what steps to take to ensure that I remain healthy?

Thank you for your help!


Welcome to the club! :stuck_out_tongue:

A good place to start is to look at the hackerschool recipe. Now he uses soy protein, so you’ll need to replace that with something else. Whey protein is probably your best bet if you’re not intolerant/allergic, and you’ll need to find a good multivitamin. Arguably this is the most tedious step, as there are so many numbers to compare. Since you’re male, I’d recommend looking in the “no iron” multivitamin section on

I’m not sure which targets you can adjust on (and I can’t view it at work), but take a look at your country’s daily recommendations for each nutrient, and try to target that (make a note of any upper limits too).

Once you’ve got something resembling a semi-complete recipe, chuck it up here for critique! Your main ingredients (assuming you’re not doing anything special like keto, vegan etc.) are going to be a complex carb source (e.g. oat powder), a source of fat (oil probably, note that olive oil is almost 100% Omega-6, and you ideally want a 1:1 balance of Omega-3:Omega-6), a source of protein (probably whey protein isolate powder in your case) and a multivitamin, with a few other ingredients to make up any deficiencies (e.g. Psyllium husk powder for soluble fibre, lecithin (NOT soy in your case, try sunflower lecithin) for choline and as an emulsifier, salt and potassium chloride to make your sodium, potassium and chloride targets, etc. etc.).

The best way I’ve found is to start with a solid base, like the hackerschool recipe, and then just play around with different ingredients and sources, seeing what provides what. Good luck!


Thank you for the good advice, I will attempt to create a recipe and then see what everyone thinks.