New to Soylent ; unsure about the nutritional requirements and DIY


Hi everyone! New guy here! I’m very interested in Soylent and would like to slowly introduce it into my daily life, however I find myself rather confused with the nutritional aspects involved in DIY Soylent, or “Schmoylent”, lol.

I was going to order it directly from Soylent, but the shipping times is just astronomical and I’m unsure I wanted to make such an investment of time and money, in case it didn’t work out. Putting it together manually, using locally or Amazon sourced ingredients is interesting.

My goals in this are simple: Just to eat better. If I lose some weight in the process, great, because I need to. I’m almost 30, 5 foot 9 and 265 lbs. I’m pretty sedentary, and ideally while introducing Soylent/Schmoylent, I’d like to change that. Nothing drastic, I won’t be doing any marathons, :slight_smile: But some walking maybe light jogging could be introduced.

Nutritionally, I don’t eat a lot on a daily basis. I almost never eat breakfast, and for lunch I may have a smoothie. Dinner, is always tricky, and I freely admit, I don’t eat “healthy food”. I try, but I dislike shopping… (I really wish Amazon fresh would come to our area). So, I often eat fast food or fried food, or food that isn’t good. With that said, I’m unsure how many calories I really need? I did the BMR thing at, and low carb came out to 2589 calories per day. It seems like a lot, but maybe it’s not.

My other concern with Soylent is the possibility of any effects it can have on people who take medication for disorders like bipolar. Does anyone have any experience with that? Or thoughts on it? Of course, I’m going to consult with my doctors before doing anything.

Apologies if this ran long, it’s new and exciting for me, I want to make sure I don’t get in over my head.


Hi there! To respond to parts… If you’re not sure about the mix, it’s good to start with an established one, like @axcho’s Brian Fuel (he sells it premixed at a reasonable rate as well). My current DIY is Jake Chow. 2589 calories is probably about correct for the amount to maintain your current weight, but if you don’t mind losing some, it’s probably best to aim lower than that, probably more like 2200 or so. Basically, as long as it’s a decent carb/protein/fat balance, has enough fiber, and you drink enough water, you should be able to do as much or little of it as your stomach wants and be fine.

Meal-wise, I (and most others, it seems) find Soylent and DIYs to have their biggest impact as breakfast- I didn’t eat breakfast before (touchy stomach, eating anything but a couple waffles within a couple hours of waking up would turn it into a roiling acid mess), but drink quite a lot of my DIY first thing now, and it keeps me full for a while. The other big thing is the old “I’m hungry for something, but don’t know what”, standing in front of the fridge thing. If that happens (which it does less with complete nutrition, because you stop having specific nutrient cravings for the most part), I just drink some of my DIY. Problem solved.

On exercise: I’m a big fan of walking, and not much else (though I have an active job, which covers a lot). Walking is really good for you. No need to push it with jogging or running. (High-impact is bad, especially on your knees!)

With medication, it depends on the medication. Some of them are supposed to not be taken near a meal because the medication and certain nutrients compete in the body for absorption if they’re taken too close together. You’ll want to check if you have any of those. Aside from that, a more stable blood sugar level and steadier nutrient intake can help with bipolar and similar conditions (somewhat). (I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice, etc, etc)


Thanks for taking this one, @Duskwave, I agree with everything you’ve said! :wink:


I wouldn’t know about bipolar meds, but Soylent has been no different than conventional food for someone taking garden-variety SSRI antidepressants.


Thanks for the input everyone, as well as the links. After I consult with my medical team, I’ll be sure to post back and give some input on what they said. No contraindications with SSRI is a hopeful scenario, I don’t see there being much change with your garden variety bipolar medication either. But one always wants to make sure!


Agreed. No problem with absorption taking meds with my DIY.