New to soylent, will it fill me up? impressions, what i'm hoping for


i just got my first batch of soylent 1.4 and tried it this evening. it seems fine to me, a bit like pancake batter as i’d read online. i can’t help comparing it to the Ensure nutritional drink and of course it’s not as sweet as that which is a good thing ultimately. i’m worried that i will find myself consuming more than the specified amount per serving to fill myself up. i’m probably just worrying over nothing. it will be a strange thing to not be eating regular meals.

i’m hoping that i can use soylent to keep myself from eating unhealthy foods. the convenience of frozen pizza for example is too easy a habit for me or craving chips, cheese, desserts, processed food. so i’m hoping that i can prevent myself craving those foods by feeling filled up on soylent.

i’m also hoping that it will help me cut down on eating out. and between the time savings for shopping/preparation/consumption/cleanup and hopefully lessening the load on my digestive system it will help me be more efficient and get more done. then i’m also hoping that it will potentially give my overall health a bit of a boost if i’m able to avoid unhealthy consumption. i hope that eventually they’ll offer a few flavor options when one wants a change (i know that one can do this oneself). it would be great if they’re always making it healthier and better tasting, potentially even offering nootropic effects.

anyway, i’ll get back to reading more of the posts here.
thank you


Welcome to the forums, and welcome to the Soylent community!

I would make a recommendation of switching over the course of at least a few days. I attempted to switch over all at once to using exclusively Soylent when I first started, and it caused headaches for a couple days during my adjustment period. I was fine after that, but I believe if I had taken the recommendation of switching over one meal at a time over the course of a few days, I might have reacted better.

In any event, let us know how it goes for you, and feel free to speak up on any thread that interests you.


Don’t chug it, sip it, and you should find yourself plenty sated. Drink water along with it.


Part of the whole experience is learning to accept that ‘I’m no longer hungry’ and ‘I am full’ are two different feelings.

Usually about 15-20 minutes after I drink it I feel ‘not hungry’. I do not feel ‘full’, though.

However, I can tell you if you stick with it you will adjust. It was a lot easier for me than I pictured it being.


@MrWonderful, that makes me think… I ordered a week supply to test out to see if I liked/could handle a Soylent diet before investing more. I didn’t transition into it, I went headlong. It turned out fine and I ended up getting a monthly subscription before the week was through. But I had to wait for the new order or arrive and I remember how that first meal after Soylent, I couldn’t finish. I had always had two cups of oatmeal with peanut butter mixed in for my breakfast before Soylent and I couldn’t finish the whole thing. It wasn’t that I was too full I couldn’t eat any more, I just really truly didn’t WANT to eat more than the third or half I ate. It was a weird sensation I never had before. It was like Soylent conditioned me to be… satisfied? Sooner? In just a week?

I’ve had two other meals since switching to Soylent (special occasions with friends) and then, too, I was satisfied way before I finished my plate. I used to be a food vacuum, never not cleaning off my plate. Never not getting seconds or thirds. But one plate seems to be more than enough for me now.