New User: Anything I Should Know?

I recently ordered a case of the 1.5 powder, in anticipation for an upcoming trip my wife is taking; she enjoys cooking, but I’m not especially fond of it unless it’s for a special occasion, and since I’ve always been interested in the idea of Soylent, I felt like this would be a good time to try it out.

Is there anything that I, as a new user of Soylent, ought to be aware of, or should try?

Consider having some flavoring at hand :slight_smile: like peanutbutter, cocoa, cinnamon or fruits in blender. Also don’t forget to drink a little ekstra water also.

Extra water; good to know. Do you have any suggestions on flavouring; chocolate seems like an appealing idea, but I’m not fan of straight cocoa powder - way too bitter on its own. Any suggestions on ratios?

I personally like nesquik, consider it as if you were making a glass of chocolate milk. Just add a few tea spoons to each glass you make (try 1-2 to begin with and see if you want more, easier to add than remove)

I would advise you not to listen to most suggestions you get, but follow your own guidelines. I add some stevia to every pitcher, and extra water if I’m in the mood. I drink extra Soylent in the morning (and less later) because that tends to keep me full all day.

Powdered peanut butter with some frozen cherries or strawberries with 12-16 oz of prepared Soylent in a blender. Very yummy. Cinnamon or Nutella are also among my favs. Check out the Flavoring Soylent thread. Enjoy the journey

If you are not having a fully sedentary lifestyle and are non hypertensive, add some salt to your soylent.

I did have explosive diarrhea when I first started Soylent. After my first week that went away and I become regular, my bowls are now more regular and solid than at any time if my life.

I found that adding additives such as Peanut Butter or Bananas had a negative effect, I soon found myself dreading the flavor of Peanut Butter and Banana and started to gag on my Soylent when I smelled peanut butter or bananas.

I quickly stopped adding flavors to soylent and have not had the problem of getting “tired” of the flavor or gagging anymore.

The thing is I never had a problem drinking plain Soylent, it tastes like pancake batter smells with a touch of sawdust notes on the back pallet. LOL! Its just Plain, and I thought I would change it up a bit - I don’t recommend it but to each their own!

I think its better if you keep it neutral that way it doesn’t get “old” and possibly ruin other flavors for you due to over using them.

Do not add salt unless you only drink soylent. Even then you may not need it. I wouldn’t add anything right now.

I second the suggestion to make it the night before. I also second the suggestion to figure you how you like to flavor it, and do so. If you like it plain, then drink it plain. Otherwise, add what you like in the quantity you like. Think of it like coffee–if you like it black, drink it black; if you like it sweeter, add something to make it sweeter. And so on. Own your food.


yep i forgot to say that.

But if you are only on soylent, a tiny bit of salt might be needed.

But hardly anyone is only on Soylent, it turns out.

but but but…
I used to add some stevia + instant coffee to my morning Soylent. Pretty good.

Just follow your gut & experiment. Only thing I’d say for sure: don’t experiment by flavouring an entire pitcher, rather, mix a pitcher > pour off into (an) individual bottle(s) and flavour those. That way you aren’t wasting much if you don’t like the result. I ended up sticking with that system throughout my powdered Soylent experience: mix at night > pour off into 4 or 5 individual bottles in the morning, and flavour each to my tastes. Coffee for brekky, strawberry for lunch, vanilla for dinner, vodka for evening, you get the idea… :sunglasses:


Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

I went ahead and tried my first pitcher over the past two days, completely plain, initially prepared exactly according to the written directions. Some first thoughts:

  • Filling the pitcher up halfway, adding all the powder, and then shaking until the mixture was smooth did not work well; there was a significant amount of clumping that needed to be dealt with (in the first glass, anyway - it all floated to the top, and the rest was very smooth). Definitely using a blender next time.

  • It was very bland, but not unpleasantly so, and there was a touch of an acrid aftertaste. I found that the pancake batter comparison was very apt; it’s about the right consistency, but a somewhat toned down taste.

  • I found it far more filling than I expected to. After drinking a glass for my morning meal, it took me far longer to get hungry again than usual - I ended up delaying my lunches by a few hours both days.

  • I also found that it was more difficult to flavour than I expected; adding a tablespoon of cocoa powder mixed with two tablespoons of granulated sugar barely affected the taste of a 500ml glass at all. Two tablespoons of chocolate syrup worked much better, although I would still definitely call it a chocolate accent as opposed to a full-on chocolate taste.

  • I took some advice to take my time and treat it like a meal as opposed to a beverage, and ended up finishing each glass over the course of twenty minutes or so, and have been pleased to note no digestive issues.

All in all, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Soylent so far; it’s been working out pretty okay, and although it’s far from the best meal I’ve ever had, it’s not a chore to eat like I thought it might be. My next attempt will be full meal replacement over the course of a day off at home, and if that goes well, it’ll be time to bring some to work. I’ll keep everyone posted.


I need extra salt, and I’m ~50% soylent.

I recommend throwing in a blender ball into your Soylent pitcher to help with clumping. It does a good job of breaking down the clumps.

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You said you half filled a pitcher and then added the powder. I find it mixes better if i put the powder into a dry pitcher, add any flavoring agents, add about half way with water, shake the hell out of it, and then add the last of the water and shake the heck out of it again.

As for the amount of flavoring you need to add, I find I have to add a lot of cocoa powder to really affect the taste. I have added 3 tablespoons of Hershey’s Special dark and probably could have added 4. Cinnamon really affects the taste and is more noticeable; I only needed 2 tablespoons and probably could have used a bit less.

I only drink Solyent a couple of days (nights, really) per week.

I work a couple of nights per week, and my workplace doesn’t really have convenient food storage or prep facilities available after hours. Soylent is much simpler than preparing ahead, and there’s a lot less to carry; only the sport-bottle I use and my partial-packet of powder.

I usually just drink it plain, but sometimes (about 1/3 of the time) will add some essential oil for flavoring. I was experimenting with cake flavorings, but they weren’t strong enough.

I use DoTerra oils, but Whole-Foods has some good choices as well. Be sure to select types that are labeled as edible; the others will upset your stomach. I can carry 4 or five bottles of oil in a zip-lock, and then I have a variety of choices–including plain, of course.

Some good choices are frankincense, lemon, lime, orange, peppermint, cloves, rose-petal, and lavender.


Why do you “need” extra salt if I may ask?

I started to use a blender for awhile and the mess of using a blender got annoying. Here is what works for me 90% of the time.

  1. Add a little water to the bottom of the pitcher first, no more then 2 fingers high.

  2. Open Soylent pouch by pushing in the sides. Tear the bag at the notches only 1/4 inch on each side, enough to allow air in and the remaining powder will drop down so it doesn’t spill when you open the pouch.

  3. Add any powder additives to Soylent while its in the bag.

  4. Empty pouch contents into pitcher. I usually manage to stuff the opening of the bag into the mouth of the pitcher.

  5. Shake the pitcher to even out the powder.

  6. Fill the pitcher with water so the contents take up 3/4 of the pitcher. When I pour in the water it comes out of a big pitcher, I drown the powder in water instead of slowly pouring over. Sometimes the powder floats to the top, sometimes it doesn’t.

  7. Tighten lid and shake

  8. Insert any liquid additives, fill remaining space with water, shake.

  9. Put in fridge overnight.

If everything worked “right” there should be no clumps. There might be stuff smeared on the side of the pitcher, but not clumped, the smears will disappear overnight in the fridge. If there is a bunch of clumped powder under the lid when you open the pitcher, you filled the pitcher up too high, you either put too much water on the bottom, or covered the powder too much water.

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