New Variety packs!

So they’re finally doing variety packs! This is great in my opinion. But it’s only for the caffeine versions.

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or Plain, Cacao and a Cafe flavor.
as are others. not a fan of Nectar

According to conor, they are “working on” a variety pack for the other 3.

It also cost a little bit more, because they need to hand-pack the boxes.


I just ordered one of these, and I look forward to trying the new flavors. I’ve mostly used Coffiest up until now. It is a little pricey, but you can’t beat it for those mornings when you can’t or don’t want to devote time to making breakfast. They’ve been really good for hiking and biking mornings!

I’m a little unclear about one thing tho - the caffeine content. I am hoping that they all have the same high level of caffeine :wink: That is an essential ingredient for me in days when my alarm might sound off at 5 am. I looked all over the website and did not see a clear answer - I did get the caffeine content for Coffiest but not for the other 2. I hope that headquarters sees this and begins including some more information about this vital substance.

From what I’ve heard Coffiest and Vanilla are similar in caffeine content, while Chai is actually close to the caffeine in a can of Coke. I’m glad for that, it’s the only reason it’s still on my subscription. I like it a lot but I wouldn’t want to be dependent on the caffeine it offers. It’s not too strong though. Works out well.

Ahh, the exact figures would be good to know. RL?

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Off the top of my head, Coffiest and Cafe Vanilla are 150 mg of caffeine per bottle and Cafe Chai is 30 mg per bottle.


Maybe because Chai is made with tea and CV and Coffiest are made with coffee? Just a guess. RL should provide more information up front. If you go to the product page and click on the nutrition info banner, you get the info for Coffiest but not for the other two.

I’m reasonably confident that the caffeine in the drinks is independently added, in order to keep its ratio to l-theanine at 1:2.