New WebApp!


This site is a personal project that I started so that the Soylent community could come to a place that would allow ingredient and recipe collaboration. This site allows you to share nutritional information with like-minded individuals. The layout of this site is quite different from the other recipe sites that I have seen, and I feel that it is better optimized for a desktop screen. Spreadsheets are nice, but they are not optimal for keeping track of your nutrients due to the excessive scrolling that is required. In addition, this layout allows us to display more nutrition data than other sites that I have seen, including non-essentials that are potentially beneficial.

The site is currently in release 1.0 or perhaps 0.99. I’ve tested it and it seems to work well, but if you find any bugs, please let me know. I have spent the better part of the last 2 weeks on this application, and it’s eaten up almost all of my free time. I think it’s finally “done enough” to release into the wild. Sign up, and try it out!

Current Features:

  • Search for Ingredients
  • Create/Modify Ingredients (Tied to the user who creates them)
  • Create/Modify Recipes (Tied to the user who creates them)
  • Cloning Recipes for Customization
  • Recipes can be public or private (great for testing!)
  • Nutritional Goals for Men and Women 19-50, 70kg and 100kg, 2000 Calories. Men have 2500 Calorie profiles as well
  • Upper Limits for Nutrients
  • Pre-populated with 8000+ Real Food Nutrition Values
  • Cost Totaling

Future (probably soon) Goals:

  • Advanced Ingredient Search (soon)
  • More Nutrient Profiles!
  • Recipe Search (Possibly with Users/Ingredients) (future)
  • Recipe/Ingredient Comment System (future)
  • Recommendations from users!


Great to see some more competition in the Soylent app space!

So far I count this as the fourth after:

I wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘official’ Soylent guys are working on their own version too.


Nice job, Card. It’s working well for me and I can’t wait to see the additional features you promise. It’s very straightforward and easy to use.


Awesome work, Card! Do you mind if I add this to the Soylent subreddit sidebar? It looks to be yet another awesome resource to use.


mrob, I would be honored if you added it to the subreddit. I was planning on doing that myself, but was up too late to remember.


Added to the sidebar; feel free to make a post about it, though. Always good to get some cross-posted discussion going.


The site looks really good, but it doesn’t have information for most of the powders / supplements in the Beginner’s DIY Soylent Recipe (which is what I was hoping to start adjusting). And the nutrition facts labels on the products aren’t very helpful. I’m a bit new to all of this; is there some way that people have been getting, e.g., amino acid profiles for their foods and supplements?


@creidieki Thanks! Sadly, most of the powder/supplement labels are fairly useless. Sometimes you can find a good brand that will actually give you a break-down of the amino acid profiles.

However, it’s relatively safe to assume that both whey protein isolate and soy protein isolate are complete proteins. If you want to add a specific product to the database, feel free! Enter any data you can find, and sadly the rest rest will have to be unknown unless we can find a better source.

Here’s an example of a product that actually includes an amino acid breakdown: Sadly, one should be careful of products that say “Supplement facts” because they’re not held to the same standard by the FDA.


Yes, I was intending to ask, Card, what you intend to do about things like maltodextrin and the many different mineral supplement powders that people are using for elemental soylent (if that’s what we are going to call it, to distinguish from predominantly food-ingredient soylent). We need to have the most common ones, at least, in the database.


@J_Jeffrey_Bragg, I completely agree. I plan on working on a few more features that I really want implemented, and then I will try adding the nutritional information for the “common” Soylent recipes. (As if such things exist :smile:).

In the meantime, registered users are free to enter nutritional information for any products they may find. My goal for tonight is to have the RDI info for 19-50 year olds, men, women, a couple different weights for each, and maybe an additional Calorie range. If I have the time, I’ll add the information for other age ranges as well. I think I’ll avoid “child” ranges as I believe soylent is a decision best reserved for “people of age”.

If anyone wants to start a wishlist for common ingredients they want added, I’d be happy to look at them!


I’ve finished adding cost totaling and more nutrition profiles. The only profiles missing are for ages 51+, and I intend to add them soon. But first, I plan on actually working on my recipe and will add a few ingredients to the database.


@Card, I notice that the “Clone this recipe” function produces a file without ingredients. This severely limits the usefulness of the app, because it should be easy to produce variations on a recipe. It isn’t, if one has to enter the entire list of ingredients just to create a file in which one or two ingredients are different.

Can you possibly repurpose that function so that it produces a duplicate of the entire original recipe instead of just a dupe of the info box without any ingredients? I would be so grateful if you could manage that!


I will certainly fix this functionality! I thought it was working correctly, but I’ll double check in the morning.


@J_Jeffrey_Bragg, Could you try it again? I just tried it on my recipe and it seems to have worked.