New website at


I see the new website is up:


Interesting indeed.


@Conor is this an official website? :slight_smile:


@Tordenskjold redirects to so I think so.

Also, the whois seems to check out (Rob Rhinehart, Rosa Labs, but that could be faked.


It now appears that redirects to as well. I must have noticed this while they were in the middle of updating DNS.


Yes sir!!! Welcome to the future!


What a time to be alive! :ok_hand:


Just curious… What used to be at the .com?


The black void. We rotated a few videos, gifs, and images. Nothing special.


Looks like it still needs some work.
Some of the fonts look weird, kind of half faded.

Will this be where we log-in in the future to check on order status and to order or start/pause a subscription?


Yes, we are still tweaking the front end. We have made a lot of changes to improve the customer experience.


.me just forwards you to .com now anyway.


Interesting update:

The field to enter your email address to stay up-to-date on Soylent during the delay, is now a field to “Find out when Soylent will be available in your country.” :earth_asia:


They may have brought that up more front and center, but that mailing list has been active since I enrolled in May 2014. I have yet to receive a single bulletin.



I never received a bulletin either. But I did receive a code for 10% off, as a result of entering my email address.

The difference I meant to stress was that before, it was labeled “To receive updates.” Now it is labeled, “Find out when Soylent will be available in your country.”

A change in short-term priorities, if you will.

No more bitcoin support?

Just noticed they no longer accept PayPal and Bitcoin.

Hope they bring them (particularly Bitcoin) back!


They probably will. From reddit:

Due to a recent website update we had to limit our payment options and at this time we are unable to accept paypal and bitcoin payments. Rest assured that we will be working on giving our customers more flexibility in processing payments. Please keep an eye on our website for updates.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Lex Soylent Customer Care

And @Conor also replied on reddit:

We won’t be accepting bitcoin or paypal for the near future. We hope to re-add this feature but we are doing some changes behind the scenes.

I know quite a few users loved being able to pay via bitcoin and for this all I can offer is my apologies.

No more bitcoin support?

I just logged in to pause a subscription ( the portal site redirects you to the new site now).

Looks like they’ve changed the fonts to make them a little thicker. Looks better to me.