New Years resolution anyone?


Anyone resolving to spend a year without “real food”?
Of course it would be easier when Soylent ships for real, but there must be DIYers already testing their own formula.

I probably will, but I will wait till the real McCoy ships…


I’m going to do a month. I’ve replaced about 2/3 of my meals for the past 4 months with Soylent and done well with it, but I’d like to go full in. Now that I’m not traveling, going to holiday parties or any of the other excuses I used it should be easier to do this month than before.

I’m low on some ingredients though so I’m stuck waiting until those arrive. Not exactly a resolution, but something that’s close enough to count.


My DIY formula has probably represented about 90% of my total food intake for the past 3 months. I’ll probably see if I can’t stay at that level or higher for the next year…