Newbie Advice - which formula?


Hey, folks!

I’ve been desperately interested in the concept of Soylent ever since reading Rob’s first post on the subject a couple months back. However, I’ll be the first to admit that I lack the knowledge both of bodily processes/needs and, thusly, the knowledge to create an ideal mixture. So I’d like some help.

With all of the branches and offshoot that this movement has created, so many personal formulas have been developed and shared/critiqued. With that in mind, I’m hoping that someone more knowledgeable than I can point me to a good starter formula… One that’s been given a little time to “bake”. I fully understand that this stuff is highly personalized, and I have no problem making logical adjustments as I go along… but I’m just a dude looking to try this stuff out, and don’t know where to start. I’m not necessarily looking for a personalized formula, just for someone to point at one and say “try this to start with”.

Basic information:

  • 28 years old
  • male
  • 200 pounds (fat/muscle ratio is a little less than ideal at this point >.<)
  • Willing to spend whatever it takes to acquire the right ingredients

Ideally, I’d love to establish a formula that works for a sustained primary food source. However, one of my goals is to lose 30 or so pounds, so I’d eventually like to be able to tweak the formula to facilitate this in a healthy way.

Thanks SO MUCH in advance for pointers/tips/criticisms! I’d love to one day be very active with this stuff and develop enough of an understanding to contribute my own advice… I just need some help in knowing where to begin.

Thanks!! =]


Hi Drew!

In theory any formula that has been reviewed by a few people works, and in most of them losing weight is as easy as reducing the maltodextrin component.

The 2 main reasons there are so many different ones at the moment are taste/preference and availability:
A recipe might be easy to shop for in one location, and almost impossible in the other.
Potassium Gluconate could be easily available in one country, and restricted to tablets with 99mg of it max (without prescription) in the neighboring country.
The Whey concentrate may be completely fine in one country, but in the neighbouring one there may be a law directing producers to add this and that micronutrient to it that you already get from your Multivitamin.

If you are not confident enough to create your own recipe, the best thing you can do is to look for one created for your own country, or at least for a country you can order from without problems.

Where are you from? :slight_smile:


Hey, Ben! Thanks for the info!

I’m up in Seattle, Washington (US)… I would assume that would put availability in my favor?


Yes, very much so. :smiley:


I just took the plunge on this formula -

Added some cinnamon in there as well. Would vanilla extract be a good idea?

Total cost for everything, including a kitchen scale, blender, measuring spoons and all ingredients was $270. Can’t wait to get to mixin’!

I think I’m going to go get my last :hamburger:. =D


Heh, if you are happy with that recipe :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are using the links provided by that person:

  • The Maltodextrin provided is f***ing expensive! It may have a fancy brand, name and promise, but it’s still plain Maltodextrin. You may want to replace that. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • The whey is only available flavoured, and ON adds enough flavouring to overpower all other (inherent) tastes in the Soylent. You wouldn’t need to add anything.

Took me 3 minutes to format the list in this post, as I first posted it unformatted. Every time I tried to edit, Discourse said “Body is too similar to what you already posted” >.<


Excellent, thanks Ben!

Do you have a preferred Maltodextrin alternative? I just placed the order recently, so I can still make changes.


Maltodextrin is a very plain thing, you can’t make that much of a mistake with your selection.
Mine is from “Myprotein” (UK brand) right now, because that was the cheapest available to me on Amazon.
€36,80 for 12.5kg ($47,47). You are paying $80,86 for the same amount.


Got it! On my next run, I’ll switch it up to something more generic.

You’ve been most helpful, Ben!

#10 << This one seems like a good price, but I have no idea what that brand is (trustworthy?) since I’m not American, and I don’t think you want it delivered in a paper bag. :stuck_out_tongue:

And you’re welcome :smiley:


Uh so I was thinking about doing this list myself, but you need to really double check some of this guys numbers. Like with the maltodextrin everywhere I look says his or any is about 190 cals per 50 grams, yet he says 150 grams is 1140 cals! Am I missing something?


I’m not too fond of that beginners thing or the poor mans thing myself, for various reasons.

In this case though, I think you are missing something:
As far as I understand the number isn’t just for the maltodextrin.
There are also plently of kcals in the oil and in they whey (some from the protein, some from the maltodextrin that ON adds to it).

In my own recipe (see link in profile), it looks like this:
Carbohydrates 1500 kcal 400g
Protein 330 kcal 72g
Fats 610 kcal 65g

Btw, for those following his recipes and adding Noopept:
His recommended dose of 30mg is not really dangerous, but I would still recommend starting lower and working your way up - from maybe 10mg.


No he had it at 1140 just for the malto, total was over 2000. I posted a comment and now the comment is gone and the numbers have changed a little on his sheet.
And Noopept?


Ben is referring to this -

I think this is an okay place to start. The numbers may not be perfect, but I would assume that none of the existing formulas will be necessarily be perfect for me anyway. I was just looking for a place to start… unless something obvious was overlooked, this seems to fit the bill.

Either way, I’ll know in about a week. =D


That comment-edit-coverup thing would be one of the reasons I meant :stuck_out_tongue:


I went with his recipe too, I’ll be starting it tonight. I really hope all the measurements are correct. I went with this recipe cause it was the easiest to read and follow and had direct links to where to get the ingredients. I haven’t been able to find any other recipes like that. Its taken me about a month to get all the ingredients. I hope its safe… Otherwise this was a very expensive experiment.


Please let me know how it works for you!!

I should be getting the ingredients trickling in between this week and next… if you discover any tips or strategies, I’d love to hear them… along with your results!


So I made the first batch. It was disgusting. Struggled and finished the glass. Two things. The Alive Liquid Vitamins and the salt are very strong tastes. Others had complained about the Oat taste which I also tasted but that wasn’t the problem. I think Tomorrow I am going to just take a shot of the Alive and get that over with, and leave out salt and find another way to get my sodium. Also bought a bottle of Hershey’s Caramel Syrup tonight, going to add that tomorrow as well. See if it gets better.

I feel fine though, I don’t feel full, but I never feel full because I am on Prednisone right now to get a Crohn’s Disease flare up under control. That is also the main reason I want to use Soylent, I have no idea which foods seem to cause my Crohn’s Flare ups and I think this will help prevent them in the future.

Anyways, I will let you know how the second batch goes tomorrow morning!


I’ve given this advice in another thread and on my blog already:
There are indeed some things that can ruin the taste, but it’s also a matter of getting used to it.

Once your brain notices how good Soylent seems to be for you, your conception of how it tastes may change.
So, don’t make any drastic changes yet (if you can keep it down at all), just wait 2-3 days. If it’s still bad then, you can still make alterations.


Well I shot the Alive this morning before drinking the shake, and I added the Caramel and got it down easily. It tasted like nothing really.