Newbie/ Help critique adjusted DIY Recipe


Hi, I’m new to all this & on info overload. It will take me some time to read through all the technical. Pardon any questions that may seem obvious but its late & I’m hoping to make my 1st soylent this week.

I’m currently 289 lbs @ 5-11 and I lost 28 lbs recently and looking to keep it up. Work/family demands have once again caused me to skip meals & eventually start eating bad. I’ve been yo-yo’ing +/- 3lbs for the past 6 weeks. I wanted to make a 1000 Cal soylent that I could have for breakfast & take with me to work. I would have a solid lunch or dinner (300-500 cal) as I’m often with clients or colleagues. I would like to be 35 lbs lighter by Oct this year.

I copied an existing (1600 cal) recipe and adjusted the
ingredient mix to get it near 1000 cal. My recipe is called “Stubby/COPY–Men’s Basic Complete Nutrition (Chocolate) – 1000”

(1)   Is this adjusted recipe ok in terms of nutrition for the 1000 cal it provides? Any suggestions to maximize nutrition?

(2)   At some point I will need a change in taste. Can I replace recipe items #2, 3 & 4 (55g+22g+6.5g) of “chocolate” with say a strawberry or banana flavored protein mix (83.5g)?

(3)   Will the soylent keep if I make it prior to bedtime, keep it in the fridge, and take it with me to work (1.5 hr commute)? I have a fridge at work.

(4)    Also if you have a better recipe/suggestion to help me reach my goal, please chime in.

Thanks in advance.


I don’t have advice, but here’s a link to the recipe in question for those who don’t want to search. (I assume OP can’t link due to newness?)


The recipe that was originally forked from has undergone some considerable updates. Check out the current version: and here’s the low-cal variant that I’m using