Newbie Query: Soylent, Caffeine, Alcohol, and Food


Howdy all. Been following the Soylent story for a while now, and discovered this forum care of the second Vice interview. I think this is all very exciting and could have huge benefits to society at large, but what has brought me here today is some specific questions. Now I have done some regular juice fasts (with the overall result being mostly ‘meh,’) so the concept isn’t so strange to me, but here’s what I’m wondering:

  1. Soylent and caffeine. I’m a huge coffee drinker, and on my last juice fasts I tried to cut caffeine entirely and was miserable. I’m not sure what’s in the official recipe, but would I still be able to drink coffee while drinking Soylent? Would there be any reason to or not to?

  2. Alcohol. I looked around and couldn’t find the topic addressed directly, but is it safe to drink moderately while on a Soylent diet? While I can’t think of any reason why a glass of wine or beer would be any worse than normal, would there be any specific concern about drinking while on Soylent? Would your body be more or less susceptible or able to process alcohol?

  3. Occasional food. In the Vice interview he says Soylent makes up 90% of his diet, so I know it’s not supposed to become a be-all-end-all food replacement. My wife and I are huge foodies, so we’d still want to eat and cook with some frequency. Is there any general guideline to how much one should or should not eat (or what one should or should not eat) while on Soylent?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice!


Welcome to the discourse board!

All of the above can be pretty simply answered by the following: At your own discretion.

This said…
1: you might find you won’t need as much coffee if you replace more than a meal a day. It’s a surprisingly energizing food source (speaking for myself, at least). I believe DNews mentioned when they tried it they just ended up drinking less coffee.

2: As far as I’ve been able to tell, it has little effect on alcohol tolerance except for maybe a little quicker in take. Obviously if you have a higher fiber content in your mix and drink it before going out it would be similar to a meal before drinking with similar results.

3: Again, might find you’ll eat food less in general or just use it for the occasional lunch or breakfast replacement.


To summarise it, I believe you’re fine in all 3 counts.


I suspected as much, honestly, but I wanted to be sure. So I suppose it’s better to functionally think of this as soylent=food rather than it being some sort of body-altering supplement or medication?


Pretty much! It’s not even a “diet” so it’s not like you’re restricted on what else you can eat or when. It’s just food!


Soylent is simply food for the lazy and hopeless in the kitchen.


From some of the reviews I’ve seen, they also say that Soylent is the perfect cure for a hangover!