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I’m a nutritionist by day and never backed this project, but ordered some because one of my clients loves the stuff.

I ordered last weds and got my shipment today [awesome fast, thanks]!

So I just opened the box and mixed some with some orange juice and had a large glass. Do you know if other people experienced any upset stomachs or gut issues?

I have a lot of pain so added a half cup of sugar to the remaining pitcher…thanks


What exactly did you order? And from Whom?



Immediate shipment, orange juice, half cup of sugar???

Are you sure you are on the right website?


What is @theshadow by night?


This has to be a joke because im laughing…clearly you are not talking about SOYLENT. Hehe wow I really cant stop laughing…orange juice…cup of sugar…yea right!!!


it would be pretty dumb to troll the wrong website, now, wouldn’t it?!

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I have to admit, I’m curious about @theshadow and whatever substance it was they ordered last week, got this week, mixed with orange juice, and felt compelled to add sugar to.


Half a cup!


I completely messed up…I work about 85 hours a week and wasn’t concentrating enough when I wrote this…

  • I had a friend of mine ship me soylent, not the company
  • I do freelance dance instruction at night
  • The oj and sugar thing you can forget about…Didn’t do the sugar, but did do the oj because they are working on the water lines and it was the only thing I had available

Bonehead move on my part since I have bad acid reflux and my partner is the one who drinks oj…my fault…

Sorry for all the rukus


If you got it from a friend, why did you write that you “ordered it”, then write “awesome fast, thanks”??


I’m willing to give him the benefit of a doubt and say maybe he was talking to the ones who shipped it to him.


Too tired, typed too fast, too much going on…

I just took my test to get licensed to use the internet and it took me 14 tries to pass so that should tell you something


You have to be licensed to use the internet? I’m confused.


Tired humor…>Attempt at humor…


Ah, lol.

20 characters.


Um, seriously man get some driving restrictions on that internet access…You are a danger to yourself and others in that condition


Ya I know, I work myself like crazy and with the night job, guys who hire me think they can get away with way too much…I have a ring on and everything…But because I’m a woman and take care of myself and teach dance at night…It’s the contact and the mature themed stuff, but I have a contract that spells things out.


To get things back on topic, @TheShadow’s main question seems to be about upset stomachs and gut issues. Yes, that seems to be a bit of an issue. They even stopped shipping for a while because the digestive issues were so bad. Seems to be the large amount of fiber, or maybe some part of the oats? Generally, symptoms have gone away after a week or two, once people’s guts have adapted.

As a nutritionist yourself, maybe you could help clear some things up? We know all the ingredients; what do you suspect is the issue?


I’m not a nutritionist, but I suspect mixing with OJ was an issue in this case. :sunny: