Nice Forbes article on Soylent/Canada



Wow that article stars off so reasonable and rational, but by the end all I could think was “wow you’re an idiot”. Oh well.


Definitely took a left turn there at the end of the article… When people try bringing that kind of argument up with me, I always ask them — is food any less nutritious if I put it in a blender?


Yeah and personally every time I see someone insist that vegetables are the only way to get real nutrition etc. I just wonder how I’m alive, considering that I’ve probably consumed less than 20 pounds worth of vegetables in my entire 44 years and have always been generally healthy. And carrots are kinda heavy.


“Leap of faith”. In what way is it a leap of faith to say that the body needs certain nutrients?


They seem to have a problem with the inability to prove a negative. Because nobody has yet been able to determine that things like “phytonutrients” are actually non-essential, and they are contained in “organic” food, then they must be essential.