Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) in Future Releases?

I wonder if there are any plans to add nicotinamide riboside (NR) to Soylent 2.1. Recent scientific research is starting to suggest that dietary supplements that increase cellular levels of a molecule called NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) can reverse mitochondrial decay. The notion is that mitochondrial decay is basically what drives the aging process. NR is a precursor to NAD and could boost NAD levels in the human body.

There are apparently already at least two dietary supplements commercially available and ready for human consumption that feature NR: Niagen made by ChromaDex and Basis by Elysium.

I’m going to give Basis a shot… but it would be great if something like this was already included in my staple food (Soylent)!


So a few days ago, I read this post, tapped on the Elysium link, did some reading, and suddenly found myself shelling out $50 to test it out. This seems like a very promising avenue for cell maintenance with some pretty solid research to back it up. WOW.

In terms of adding NR to Soylent, I would think it’d pretty cost prohibitive, no? Especially if the aim would be to make it comparable to supplementation, so 50mg per bottle of 2.0 or 250mg per powder bag. I tried to find a cheaper source of NR for myself, but Basis and Niagen look like the only players on the field, and they’re certainly not cheap.


We can only hope competition drives the cost of NR supplements down as more companies get into this arena. It is a bit pricey right now :open_mouth:

Maybe someday there will be a Soylent Pro level product; a higher-end and more expensive offering that caters to situations like this. Apple seems to be doing it, after all (iPad Pro and a rumored potential iPhone Pro as well).

Sounds like Soylent for the 1%. I hope not.


You can’t really market that Soylent is 100% complete nutrition and then market a pro version that is better. Not easily anyway. It kind of nullifies your other marketing.

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I think the idea here though is that the definition of nutrition and what is complete or 100% nutrition is something that science is continuing to expand. How long will it be before the notion of lacking NR is viewed with the same reaction that lacking say… vitamin C would be viewed?

Maybe the answer is to separate normal nutrition from cellular health, making some sort of distinction between the two.

I think that the answer is if you think that Soylent is missing something, take a supplement. I already take a D supplement, for example.

I occasionally take a multivitamin but I don’t eat soylent 100%

I just view the concept of having to take “something else” as inefficient. I wouldn’t carry around a phone and an iPod, I’d just carry a iPhone. Just saying… in an ideal and perfect world, it would be great if dietary nutrition and cellular health converged.

I think that’s kind of ridiculous. Every person is unique. It is said that the eventual aim is going to be to give everyone a diet completely personalized for their needs. Taking a little pill + Soylent is not even faintly comparable to carrying a whole extra device like a phone plus an iPad. It’s more like carrying a phone and adding a headset, if we have to add a proportional device analogy.

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I respectfully disagree with the notion that it’s “ridiculous.” Soylent includes vitamins at an essentially complete level when you consume a day’s worth of 2.0. Now science is starting to indicate that truly optimized nutrition may no longer be just a vitamin and mineral game, but also specific molecules which address the health of our cells themselves.

If science discovered vitamin X and expanded the definition of complete nutrition, stating that “we need 150mg of vitamin X daily,” would it be irrational think that Soylent may eventually be modified to include vitamin X? I think we’d all expect to be added eventually and wouldn’t really accept the notion of it being forever a separate supplement. That should be the case with NR, in my opinion.

The problem with that argument is that vitamin X, by definition, would be a vital nutrient. This is not the case with NR. NR falls into the category of nice to have but ultimately nonessential. At the moment Soylent is all about supplying the essentials only. I do agree that Soylent should eventually include some of these nice to haves.

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Your basic idea is not irrational. The idea that carrying an extra pill is similar to carrying an extra iPad is irrational.

Whut. Bro either way it’s just another tablet :smile_cat: :smile_cat: :smile_cat: :smile_cat: :smile_cat:


Challenge accepted!

                          SOYLENT   SOYLENT PRO
                           $8/day    $120/day
100% nutrition               ✓           ✓
Great beige taste            ✓           ✓
Free stickers                ✓           ✓
FREE TOTE BAG                ✘           ✓
SPECIAL EDITION GOLD BOX     ✘           ✓
ETERNAL LIFE †               ✘           ✓

† Excludes accidents, suicide, cell DNA rejection and 
the overwhelming probability that the “science” behind 
this is complete bullshit. Terms and conditions apply.

I stand corrected.That totally makes sense.


You, sir, have won the total allotment of internets for today.


Sign me in for the Eternal Life Soylent Pro :slight_smile:

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I once donated to a classical music station for a tote bag. It was a good tote bag. You already have me sold.


"Great Beige Taste "
The most wonderful description I’ve heard today.