Night owels and early birds


So for the vast majority of my life I’ve been a night owl. Big lunch, big dinner, late night snacks, wake up after 8am, no breakfast…

Then about 2 years ago a bit flipped and I started waking up around 4:30am. Mostly it started as a way to get my running in during the coolest time of the hot summer SoCal days… but I reinforce this with a 200mg caffeine tablet and a hot shower. Now no matter when I go to bed I wake up around 4:30 and don’t feel the desire to go back to sleep (although I do often linger in bed for a short while).

Neither this nor my Soylent diet was an issue during my bachelor days but now I’m in a relationship and things like waking up before the sun or consisting on a liquid diet just don’t seem right.

This got me wondering if Soylent (which I also started just over 2 years ago) contributed to this change in my circadian rhythm…

In my prior life I ate almost nothing in the morning. Now I consume 1000kcal of Soylent before 10am most days. Could Soylent be a contributor here?

I’m not looking to change my diet or sleeping pattern, both work very well for me thank you… but I am interested to learn the mechanism here and see if it might be something helpful others?

Of course many people don’t aspire to be early birds… that’s a different issue.


1000kcal before 10am? Wow. I have 400 (1 bottle), and really don’t even need that much. So you must eat small meals the rest of the day?

I suspect your body is used to eating early, so you wake up to eat. Probably if you were to have your breakfast later and smaller, and your dinner later and larger, you’d be able to sleep in. Worth a try.


When you wake up before 5am, 10am isn’t really THAT early… also as an athlete I normally consume 2400-2800kcal/day and haven’t we always been told breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

Thanks but staying up later isn’t the goal here… funny how so many people assume waking up early is a bad thing! I was a night owl all my life but now that I wake up naturally early I’m really enjoying it. I’m just trying to better understand how I was able to make the switch and if diet (or more likely eating schedule) was a contributor as the switch roughly coincides with my switch to a mostly Soylent diet.

Edit: hmm ok maybe there isn’t as strong a connection here as I thought… my sleep changed about 24mo ago but it looks like I started Soylent 41mo ago (and Schmoylent likely 5-6mo before that)… but the eating schedule no doubt helps reinforce and my prior diet never included breakfast.


I don’t assume that getting up early is bad. You said you didn’t want to get up early any more: “…but now I’m in a relationship and things like waking up before the sun or consisting on a liquid diet just don’t seem right.” If you don’t want to stay up later or get up earlier, then why did you say that it doesn’t seem right?


Ah… sorry, should have clarified… “doesn’t seem right to her”… or for that matter most people around me. Ditto with the liquid diet.

For the record, I’m fine with both.


I was a night owl for a long time (bedtime well after midnight), but recently I’ve also flipped to become an early bird so as to get in a run every morning before the sun comes up (and the temperature with it). I’ve been consuming Soylent and other soylents for a few years now so, at least in my case, I don’t think they contributed to the switch; it was really more a deliberate change in my routine. But for what it’s worth, I like this routine more as it keeps me energized much better throughout the day (no more napping in the car before walking into work!) and makes a Soylent lunch that much more appealing!


Cool. Yeah that was the main reason for me too (early running)… I’ve been very surprised at how much I actually enjoy this schedule and it’s hard in retrospect to reconcile how I was so “anti” early bird for most of my life. Before I was a runner I used to tell people “the only way I’ll get up early is for skiing or to catch a plane”…

So I guess the Soylent wasn’t a big contributor to the switch… perhaps only as a facilitator as it did make it easy for me, a guy who always ate out and never ate breakfast, to actually have a good healthy breakfast.