No-bake cookies


So I’ve seen lots of Soylent cookie recipes, but haven’t seen a no-bake version (though I may well have missed it). Saw this simple recipe and thought this could easily be a Soylent cookie. Especially good for a DIY using whole oats instead of oat flour? There are lots of no-bake cookie recipes out there. Has anyone tried it with Soylent?


Nice post, i didnt know cookies can be created without baking. From now on i will begin dreaming for non-baked soylent cookies from rosa labs :smile:

Also, are there any brownie recipes out there, that dont involve heat?


Oh yes, lots of no-bake cookie recipes. Look up no-bake peanut butter cookies. Deadly. Lots of no-bake brownie recipes at your fingertips on Google too. But I was trying to stick with somewhat healthier recipes (comparatively). :wink:


@Tark – A healthier no-bake brownie, with no heat: