No chloride in 2.0?

Just received my first shipment of the newer (“original”) 2.0 and noticed that total fat has been reduced from 35% to 32% compared to the older style bottle. Also noticed that chloride is no longer listed (was 15%) but choline is now added at 20%. Am I missing something? Please explain.

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It looks like an error; chloride is still at 15% because 2.0’s formula has not yet been updated, just the packaging. Note that chloride does not need to be listed on the Nutrition Facts label at all (e.g., how many foods containing sodium chloride [table salt] have chloride listed on the Nutrition Facts label?), and they may have decided to omit it.

Also, fat hasn’t been reduced in 2.0; they’re both still 21 g per bottle. I suspect 35% was an error (that nobody noticed?), because the DV for fat was 65 g/day, which works out to the 32% on the new label, but it’s increasing to 78 g/day, which should be about 27%. I don’t think they need to use the new values until sometime in 2018 (?), so it looks like they were simply correcting an error but not yet using the new DV. I don’t think 35% could have ever been correct, but maybe I’m missing something.


My 2.0 packaging also lists coffee as an ingredient. I believe there is a mix up in labelling with Coffiest and no formula change.