No forum link on homepage?


New homepage (since 2.0) does not have a link to this discourse forum, instead it has a “Community” link that points to the soylent subreddit on reddit.

Was this intentional? If so, is this discourse forum being phased out?

What happened to this forum? My direct book mark took me to Reddit

There’s a discourse link in the icons at the bottom, it’s the far right hand link in the image below. It does seem like @Conor may be more active on reddit though. I would imagine they’ll get more folks driving by on reddit than they would discourse, so it may make sense to make it more central to the public.


It was discussed here:
Reddit over Discourse?

The short answer according to @Conor is that there is a link hidden in the lower right amongst the social media links to discourse. (along with another reddit link, btw)

It sounded like do not specifically emphasize reddit over discourse, but that they feel more new customers come through the reddit route vs. discourse. However, with the more prominent placement for reddit, I agree that it feels like discourse is being squeezed a little.


I made this choice. Ultimately I am more active on discourse. I’m just not as vocal. I want to keep the status quo, I respond when asked but I am on here most of the day. Beyond that unlike reddit I have set discourse to feed me a lot of email alerts. We value discourse, most of our dev team are lurking on the forums reading your feedback. That being said discourse is a harder medium for newer users to approach so I choose to have reddit be the community link because it has a softer curve for new users.


Thanks for the response @Conor.

My only slight concern is that if I had only heard about Soylent after 2.0, I probably wouldn’t have know about the existence of this discourse forum.


I asked you several days ago why my shipment was usps instead of fedex as usual and if it was going to be usps from now on and never got a reply


Apologies. Not all shipments go out via fedex. If USPS is an areas best carrier it will go out via them, you see this often times in areas removed from fedex distribution hubs.


We have multiple discourse links on the subreddit as well.


Also, since discourse is indexed by Google, I think a lot of people find information on discourse through specific searches they may conduct via search engines. I am pretty sure that is how I originally found the discourse page.


I find reddit more difficult to use than discourse, as well as more nerdy.


Hey now. we have our fair share of nerds here too! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I’d put the Discourse icon first. I doubt most people even know what it is. Might get more clicks that way, if it’s first.



This is a clunky solution. Splitting conversations between two sites means that we may miss one or the other, or duplicate conversations unnecessarily.

I’ll also say that I think Reddit is more difficult to navigate than discourse.

I understand the potential of it for advertising…but I still prefer Discourse as the go-to place for Soylent discussion.

But either way, I think you should choose one or the other, not both.


Thanks for the feedback ultimately we value both communities for different reasons.


Reddit’s advantage is that it’s better for Q&A topics, where the “correct” answer can get voted to the top and thus more easily accessible.

But I also find it annoying to read compared to traditional forums.


Which is why we like discourse for long term feedback, our dev team are usually on discourse all day reading your feedback.


Still working with them to find a time that suits. I have not forgotten :slight_smile:


I was wondering that myself, thanks!