No longer a fan

I’ve spent about a month validating the claim before making a post about it, but soylent 2.0 is causing me digestion problems (almost daily diarrhea). I was wary about the new sweetener since reading about it during my investigation into quest bars, but I was still optimistic that soylent had been thoroughly vetted for full daily consumption.

I weigh 135 lb and was drinking ~5 bottles a day, which certainly puts me in the upper range of intake to body weight ratios. But I’ve been an enthusiastic fan for more than 5 years and, aside from needing to supplement fiber, I’ve never had any issues with a pure soylent diet…

I have an old recipe of original currently being shipped to me, but that will be my last liquid purchase from this company until the levels of Allulose are adjusted to account for high consumption diets.


I’m having the exact same issue with the new formula. Very disappointed in the change.


Luckily I don’t have that problem but I do find the new flavour nauseating and bizarrely sickeningly sweet despite actually having less sugar


My son and I discussed the ‘New Formula’ at length recently. He nailed it by describing the taste as if someone marinated a glass of milk with a McGriddle devoid of the cheese, egg and meat. The last gen of ‘Original’ Soylent RTD was perfectly fine and neutral in presentation. This new stuff is not !


No problem at all. I think you could chalk this up to individual biology. I’m sorry you’re having The digestive system issues.

Whats your weight & bottles consumed per day?

It seems like the sweetener has pretty well documented issues above a certain threshold.

Started 4 years ago at 220 lbs, plateaued at 190 within 6 months with little to no exercise (I know I know) at 5’10” doing 3-4 bottles and a sandwich/salad per day. Still on the routine but 100% Soylent 4 of 7 days week And the rest with 1-2 bottles daily plus my wife’s cooking. At 69 years old you might say I’m betting my life on this formula.

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That makes sense why you wouldn’t feel the same effects then.

My weight/intake ratio is 176% of yours.

Just so we’re on the same page… Soylent 2.0 came out a loooooooong time ago, you’re specifically talking about the “optimized” formula right?

I’m extremely nervous about it at this point but haven’t had any yet. I truly truly truly hope they haven’t “screwed the pooch” with this. =(


Yeah the optimized formula is what started giving me problems. The taste is pretty bad too, but I never drank Soylent because it was delicious.


I was full soylent for about a month and didn’t feel well after that. I am sticking to whole natural foods for the bulk of my diet. I still have soylent ready to go when I don’t have time to get groceries or prepare a meal for on the go. It’s better than eating crap, but I can’t use it daily to replace all meals like that. Soylent has a place in my life, but I can’t exist off of it healthily :slight_smile:


Really disappointed with the new optimized formula. Although I appreciate the lower sugar…the new formula is just way too sweet. I have currently paused my subscriptions until I can find out if we can still get the original 2.0, If not I will likely cancel for good.

Does anyone know if we can still get the original formula?


You can no longer get that formula.

Why not try switching to the powder? I have always thought that it was superior to the bottled version for the following reasons. You can add things to it to improve the flavor. You can control the amount of calories that you consume in a serving. It costs less. And it does not create as much plastic waste.

Same issue. Did some trials and determined if I drink 4 drinks, I get bad diarrhea. 3 bottles and no issue.

They should make the old formula available as a purchasable product. I was fine with the level of sugar in 2.0, as well as the taste…

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They should bring back the old original soylent. It was close to perfect.


I was one of the original backers of Soylent powder. With the first formula my stomach bloating went away in just a few days and I felt healthier drinking it. After losing weight I went back to solid food. Then I ate terribly for years and gained quite a few pounds and my stomach was bloated again. I decided to try the current Soylent V1.9 powder. I’ve been on it for about a month now. I also eat and average of 2 small whole food healthy meals a week. This new round of Soylent is different. I’ve never really liked the taste but what’s different about the new Soylent is that my stomach still feels bloated after drinking it and I get stomach cramps and I’m constipated. Because of this I can’t drink more than 3 cups a day. I also get lethargic and my head spins at times. I don’t think I can take Soylent much longer. I agree. They need to bring back the original formula. I felt much better drinking it.

Came here looking to say this. The “optimized” version is a huge downgrade from 2.0. I really hope they correct their course. I cancelled my amazon subscription of 5 boxes a month which I have been drinking for over 4 years now :frowning:

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How can I tell whether I have optimized or not? I opened a new box recently, that looked just like the old ones, but both bottles from it (original flavor) have a revolting maple syrup like taste. I’m not sure if this is the “optimized” flavor or if it has gone rancid somehow.

If this is the optimized flavor, then oh my. I’ll have to try out the Soylent alternatives, this is really horrifying.

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You definitely got the optimized version.

They stopped shipping 2.0 months ago. You can confirm by looking at the sugar content. The new one is significantly lower (1g of sugar down from 9?) because of all the artificial sweeteners.