No longer covering shipping for food bars, but will take any you want to send me on your dime :)


I will pay infinitely more for your Food Bars than this fine Idahoan here! That makes my offer $0.00!


RL is apparently accepting bars from anyone who got sick now, so that may explain it.

If they have puke or diarrhea on them, will you accept them?

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Not sure how to private message. Happy to send 10 bars with caveat.

Anyone else find the changes to his thread absolutely hilarious?

Just you

Honestly, I’m hesitant to put out any more money for shipping. Plus the majority of people contacting me expect or wanted some kind of chemical analysis on the Bars - My plan isn’t to test them, I plan to eat them.


You might be a super digester. Have you tried eating exclusively 7-11 hot foods for a week?

Last time I ate a hot dog from 7-11, I was 10 years younger and insta vomited, literally.

(I did get an upset stomach from a Kind Strong Bar, Jalapeño flavor two weeks back) [I eat Jalapeños on my salads everyday, so it wasn’t because I wasn’t used to the “heat.” ]

In light of the recall its not advisable that anyone exchange bars with anyone but RL for a number of reasons.

They are asking people to throw them out silly goose!

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