No love from Amazon Canada?

I wish Amazon Canada and Soylent would come up with something the same way they have in the US. For us Prime users, we might be able to save a lot instead of importing from the US straight from But currently, Soylent is not sold on besides overprice sellers.


Unless something has changed I believe Soylent wharehouses in Canada and ships to you from within country rather from the US, I’m not sure an Amazon option would make much difference other than subscribe and save possibly does in the US.


This is correct. I just received a (my first!) month’s worth from them, came shipped direct from Ontario via Canada Post. No taxes/duties or other import-type issues. Other than the current crappy CAD/USD exchange rate, it couldn’t really be any better.


I imagine the price would be the same (as I believe it is in the U.S. for Amazon and and both my Amazon and orders ship via Canada Post, so I don’t think there would be any difference ordering Soylent from Amazon.

I’m in Canada, and when my subscription comes up it usually gets here the next day. Rosa Labs surely has a distribution center (centre) in Canada. I have never had to pay duty so I don’t see how you would save much money - that is unless Amazon Canada decides to buy enough product that Soylent gives them a discount, and I don’t think it works like that. I don’t see how anyone can sell Soylent at a cheaper rate than RL unless it was bought and someone did not want it and it ends up in a seller hands. Is Soylent giving out bulk discounts?

I believe it’s in Mississauga in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Yep, Miss’sauga, ONT.

By saving, I more of meant Prime discounts, and CAD/USD exchange not being a factor. Though I didn’t know if they had warehouses here.

Yeah, I really love that soylent has a warehouse in canada. I bought joylent from europe and I got hit with 68 dollars of fees and taxes, since I live in a really high tax province. I also appreciate soylent using Canada post, they seem to get my package to me the fastest, plus, there’s a post office nearby so I don’t have to walk around/take the bus with 50 lbs of soylent on me. My package of soylent got to me in 4 days, which is pretty good, because I live as far east as you can go. Exchange rate sucks, but its definitely better than the tariffs.

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Fellow Newfoundlander?

They use FedEx for my delivery in Etobicoke.

I guess not as far east as you can go, hahaha. I live down in Nova Scotia. How long does it take to get it into Newfoundland?

It varies, but if I get a shipping notification on a Monday, it will usually be here in rural NL the next Monday or Tuesday. So usually a week or so.

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I’ve only ordered twice, but it only takes 4 business days to get to ns, so a little shorter.