No more algae oil - what about EPA/DHA?

When Soylent first adopted algae oil, everybody cheered, because apparently algae oil contains EPA and DHA, and these omega-3 fats are super healthy or important or some such. Now that Soylent seems to be moving away from algae oil, and going for high-oleic sunflower oil instead, will we still get the EPA and DHA? If not, will it matter? Or was EPA/DHA not that important in the first place?

Just trying to understand things. There are big gaps in my nutrition knowledge and I’m trying to figure out what this change will mean!


This is something I have thought about as well. I will probably begin supplementing with a fish oil supp again.

Your body will make all the DHA and EPA it needs out of ALA omega 3. There does seem to be a benefit from getting more DHA/EPA than what your body makes but it’s not essential to get it from your diet.


There was no EPA/DHA in the solazyme algal oil.


Ah, good to know. I can’t remember where I had originally seen it (somewhere online written by some random person I’m sure), but I have seen it repeated multiple times that the algal oil contained EPA/DHA.

Good to finally know the facts!

The powder used to contain life’sOMEGA algal oil, and later on contained life’sDHA algal oil powder. Versions 1.2-1.5 I believe.


Ah, thanks for the info. First Powder I’ve tried is 1.7. I’ve only been using 2.0 up until recently.

I’ll try harder to squash misinformation floating around.


Just got a new box of Coffiest and the Algal Oil has been replaced by Sunflower Oil. I think I feel a little sad, since that was one of the things that made Soylent exotic.

Should I be sad?


Perhaps I’m confused here, but wasn’t the algal oil originally announced as a replacement for EPA/DHA found in fish oil? This post is from a while ago, but announcing Soylent 1.2, the blog wrote:

“For Soylent 1.2, we eliminated fish from the production process entirely. DHA and EPA are now harvested directly from algae cultivated in large fermentation tanks. This leads to a much more tightly controlled process with increased efficiency and sustainability”.


I believe the oil you refer to was then replaced in… I want to say v1.5… with the Solazyme stuff. Previously it was Life’sDHA oil.

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Ah, my bad. My eye was drawn towards the fish and algae thumbnail as the original announcement for algae oil. Thanks for the clarification.