No more Cafe Chai on Amazon?


I order my Soylent through Amazon. Today I pressed the button to order more Cafe Chai only to find out that Amazon no longer has any in stock and gives no suggestions on when, if ever, they’ll have it back in stock (third party sellers have it but I don’t want to order from them).

Is the Soylent team planning on restocking Amazon with Cafe Chai?


Holy crap that would be bad. One of our absolute favorites at this point. Amazon says that our cases of Chai for our monthly subscription are on their way, so maybe they only just ran out. If so I would expect them to have more again probably within a week based on prior times I’ve seen them run out of stock. Fingers crossed…


I agree. One of my favorite flavors.

Usually, Amazon’s web-page will state something along the line of, “More on the way!” But, there is no such indication.

I’ve contacted both Soylent’s and Amazon’s support groups and neither seem to have any idea on whether this is a temporary out-of-stock issue or if Amazon has stopped carrying it.

Hopefully, it’s just an temporary out of stock issue. Guess time will tell.


BTW, when I click my Dash button to order it, I get this response:

Your order was not placed.

This product is not available for purchase through your Dash Button because it is not currently Prime eligible.

Presumably that means that neither Amazon nor any third parties have it stocked through Amazon. It gives no indication on whether Amazon themselves plan on restocking it.


It appears to be back in stock. Cool.