No more foil seal


The foil seal has been removed for both Coffiest and 2.0 going forward.

How does this make you feel?

Edit: Image of redesigned lid that has a barrier (blue ring in image) at the top to create a seal when lid is tightened:

2.0 cover under bottle cap missing
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If true then I will be switching back to 1.6 Powder. I like my foil.



I really don’t want more mold, or more threads full of people complaining about mold.


Apparently there were production/bottle changes made to prevent mold going forward?


I am unhappy about that. what I have been doing is thumbnail the plastic wrapper to avoid tearing. peel the foil a bit, replace cap and shake. Remove foil, enjoy the soylent on it and throw away. Rinse the bottle (cap clean still) and recycle em.

No more foilsoylent enjoyment!


Some people :blush: said they could taste the glue from the foil. This would eliminate that “problem.”

If they solved the mold problem, then I am glad to eliminate the foil.


Is that Red Reddington?


So long as the risk of mold has in fact been taken care of otherwise, I am pleased with this. The foil was not a big deal but it is mildly annoying.


If it’s less work to open while still maintaining a solid seal, then i don’t see it as anything but a win.

And i’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt until proved otherwise.


Image of the new seal (blue seal at top of lid):

Presumably, this creates a tighter, waterproof seal around the lid that doesn’t necessitate the foil any longer.


I’ll no longer be able to say “curses, foiled again” when I open a bottle, so I’ll have to find another way to amuse myself.


Awesome, it’s about time! That stoopid foil was annoying. Now if they could just lose the shrink wrap around the lid it’ll be perfect.


The foil seal and I are bitter enemies. Unless I remove it surgically, there’s always stringy adhesive left behind. As long as the mold problem is no longer, good riddance, I say.


Are the perforations better? Yours came off very cleanly.



Great, I noticed after my first couple soylents that the adhesive would stay on the bottle and mix with your drink. Who really cares about a foil lid IF they have solved the mold problem. What justifications could you have for wanting the foil lid?


Thank goodness. Neither the mold nor the glue tasted very good. And I definitely wasn’t going to recommend Soylent to anybody while either remained an issue.


I drink Soylent the most when I’m on long car trips, so I’m pleased. This will be easier to open while driving. Not that it’s entirely safe, but I do it at red traffic lights.


I’m happy to see the foil gone. That’s because I’m lazy. I want to just pop the cap and start drinking.