No more foil seal


As with most people, I’m very happy to see the foil go away, as long as the mold problem has been eliminated.

I had a bad batch WITH foil, that was bad enough to send back to Soylent. Thankfully they replaced multiple boxes. It’s been mostly perfect since then, except for the almost constant residue left from the foil on the bottle.

Not crazy about us all being the guinea pigs for them figuring out how to do this, but glad it’s progressed.


We have 2 QA experts on staff, who regularly fly out to our facilities. Any issue that does come to our customer service team is treated with extreme seriousness.


I look forward to getting my next batch sans foil.

Now could we please address the plastic wrapping issue? When I remove it, it tends to end up in 4 and sometimes 5 pieces of plastic to track down and dispose of. This is particularly annoying in my car where there are many crevices for them to fall into.


I just twist the cap to open it and leave the shrink wrap in place.


I am not able to just twist the bottle open like wezaleff described, but another easy way to get the bottle open without having to actually remove the shrink wrap is just to break the perforation with your thumb first. You just find the perforation at the neck of the bottle and press into it with your thumb or thumbnail (or a pen or a key) until it breaks, and then move in a circle around the bottle. It should break pretty easily and then you can twist off the cap with no trouble and no loose plastic wrap.

Credit to @Woodster:


It seems that lately, that perforation on the neck is aligned with a ridge on the bottle, so I can’t use the thumbnail method. But the bigger thing is that I want that damned wrap off the cap entirely, so I can easily replace it, otherwise it gets in the way. Plus OCD.


Time to do my happy dance! I noticed that my Coffiest didn’t have a seal, but my Soylent did for my shipment that just came yesterday.


I’m really happy about foil going away too so long as mold won’t be an issue :smiley:


Pretty much my response when I popped open my first bottle today :slight_smile: So pleased about it.



Anybody who is troubled by the perforated shrink wrap, it’s easy to do it cleanly:

  1. Wrap your left hand around the cap.
  2. Wrap your right hand around the neck of the bottle, just below the perforation.
  3. Twist your hands in opposite direction.

This opens the bottle and tears the shrink wrap together. The shrink wrap breaks along the perforation every time, stays firmly attached to both cap and bottle but out of the way of pouring. No mess, just recycle the whole thing when you’re done drinking, takes less than a second.

I can’t wait to get my no-foil-seal bottles. Still haven’t found a similarly fast and elegant way to peel off the foil seal.


Yeah, I used to spin the bottle breaking the perforations with my thumb, but now I don’t even bother. Just twist it off and it’s clean.


No. The wrapper needs to be completely removed. It is abhorrent to leave any trace of it on the cap or bottle.


Having cleanly broken wrapping on the cap and bottle looks better than a naked bottle and shredded separate wrapping. OCD powers combine!


No way dood - I’m all about that pure bottle porn.


I opened my first non-foil bottle today. :face_with_head_bandage:

New Soylent 2.0 flavors. Cacao and Nectar



You fail at life. :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel your pain…


I guess you really liked it!