No more "river bed silt" texture in 1.4!


Reading the recent article on Ars Technica about 1.4, I am reminded of one aspect of 1.4 that was a major problem for most people trying 1.0 through 1.3, at least by many media accounts that I have read. The decrease in the texture of “river bed silt” is one very positive aspect of 1.4 that I am very appreciative for.


I do remember many stories on the grittiness (“riverbed silt”, whatever) when Soylent was first introduced.

I also tend to prefer the smoothness of 1.4 to the grit of the previous versions, although that is obviously not a universal feeling amongst users.


On 1.4 I experienced the river bed sediment until I shook my glass. It seemed no matter what, if it sat unshook (unshaken?) for even a minute, the particles coagulated and required re-shaking (reshakeing?).


I think with a lot of the early media reports they didn’t prepare it properly. Often they just dumped some powder in a cup and stirred it. So the texture was probably bad for them. Properly mixed it wasn’t a major problem.