No oat flour; does 1.7 really contain gluten?

My wife has Celiac disease, and has been eagerly awaiting a gluten-free Soylent.

The 1.7 powder page says “This version of Soylent contains gluten”, but when I click “Learn more”, it suggests that oat flour is the only gluten-containing ingredient. I don’t see oat flour anywhere on the 1.7 recipe list. Is there another ingredient in 1.7 that introduces gluten?

Thank you!

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I think that people with Celiac disease vary greatly in how sensitive they are. Small impurities can cause big reactions to those who are very sensitive. RF can’t guarantee that Soylent doesn’t have teensy impurities that might trigger reactions from some people.


There’s some previous discussion here:

And here’s Soylent’s FAQ page on gluten:

In short, no Soylent ingredient contains gluten, but when Soylent is tested it’s found to be (or at least has been found to be) over 0.000005% gluten, which is the Celiac Support Association’s gluten-free certification threshold. The gluten was I think assumed to come from contamination of the oats. (Which is tricky to avoid, given how oats are grown in fields and all.)

Soylent 1.7 removed the “whole algal flour” introduced in 1.6 (, so maybe the oat flour is back?

@Conor It seems difficult to get the full gluten story from the ingredients list currently. Is the gluten FAQ page still accurate?

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Unfortunately due to where some ingredients are processed we can’t guarantee that Soylent will be gluten free.


It is due to cross contamination. When one product is processed / transported in the same facility as products that do contain gluten.

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