No response to emails

Amazing product, terrible customer service.

I’ve emailed five times over the last month to info/myorder and help with no response.

I’ve ordered another large batch, but I’m a returning customer (although my email changed) and I can’t get a verification that they’ will acknowledge my new email address and see me as a returning customer.

I’ve recommended this product to several people but the horrible feedback is really turning them off, I’m actually embarrassed to the point where I won’t recommend it any more, which is sad because the actual product is fantastic.

While on the one hand, I’d love a response to my order verifying I"m a returning customer and won’t have to wait 6 months with no communication, I’d like to say the lack of thought into the customer side is disappointing. Ticket tracking, again, timely updating, etc, these are important concepts.

This is such a great and needed idea, I really hope they get a grip on customer service.


Doing the @Soylent tag for you. You might also try sending a PM to them directly from this site.


Thanks man, good user community at least. :smile:
Should I ping anyone in particular?

Just pm Soylent. …

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Ohh there’s an actual ‘user’ called ‘soylent’ - gotcha. PM’d tonight, will update if I get a response.

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FYI - got a response to my emails about an hour after posting to soylent (the user on this forum)

I’d highly recommend this approach for anyone having similar frustrations.