No seal accident

I love Soylent. I am not active in the community, but I love that I don’t have to think about it. Or so I thought. Today, I got punished for not thinking.

I expected a seal there, but there wasn’t one…

I feel like this is a decently significant change. I would really have appreciated at least a PATCH version change, or some indication that it’s different…

Now I got Soylent on my carpet.

Maybe I should have been smarter. But consistency and backwards compatibility is a feature I really love(d) about Soylent :confused:



Here comes the mold!

But yeah, they ditched actual versioning and release notes. Too bad.

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Serious reply: To be fair original 2.0 didn’t have a foil seal, just the wrapper, and I believe when they added the foil seals they did say it was a temporary solution.

“Funny” reply: Wow, you really like Soylent!


Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for this ever since this became a thing with Coffiest.

Sorry about the carpet though.

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So you opened the bottle, and then… tipped it to the side a bit? Or shook it whilst opening it?

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He opened the bottle while sideways, presumably to get better leverage (not removing the wrapping first), assuming there was an inner seal to prevent disaster.


They haven’t changed their formula just the packaging.

Still something of interest to Soylent nerds and warrants a dot release and change log.

So. What? 2.0.1?

Sure. And a change log so they still pretend to be an open company.

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One of my coworkers did this with a coffiest and spilled it all over himself and his keyboard. I was baffled. I would never open ANY bottle full of a liquid while it was tipped sideways in the slightest, no matter how secure I thought an inner seal was. The thought never even crosses my mind to try it. Seeing someone else do it now though really has me perplexed that this is somewhat common behavior.


People are weird. …

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There are two kinds of people in the world — those who comprehend the true horror of a loose seal, and those who don’t… yet.


There’s always money in the Soylent stand.


My new batch of bottles arrived this morning and I wasn’t really paying attention and the bottle wasn’t correctly pointed straight up and down when I opened it. Luckily, I had this bottle in the freezer too long so no big mess happened.

I was surprised by there not being a seal. The smaller box the bottles came in arrived opened on one side, so that made me start thinking that the no seal was an error. I opened up another bottle to see, no seal. Then I hopped on here, and I am happy to say I am no longer living in ignorance (well, not counting less significant things like when it comes to other races, sexes, religions etc).

Edit: Wait, so why is there not going to be mold this time?

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Look inside the cap. Is there a rubber gasket?


Oh. Okay. Yeah. Thanks.

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Oh, there will be mold. Check the subreddit.


But only on the threads thus far?

Roger. …