No seal accident


Just opened one of the new bottles tonight for dinner, was definitely thrown by the lack of a foil seal! I actually paused and checked the trash, thinking I’d automatically just disposed of it.

The whole reason I’m here now is as a sanity check that I didn’t get a “bad” bottle without a seal. Would have been nice to get some kind of heads-up.


Communication is definitely not RL’s strong suit. Nor is food design, or QA, or logistics, or packaging, or…crap. They are good at ideation?


So excited for these!


WHAT? They truly ditched release notes?


They aren’t what they once were.




I opened the bottle while tipping it. I used to like angling it to the side so that I could get at the seal right away.


Doh!! I guess I need to be more careful when I open these things now.


Well, I don’t see a release note about removing the seals from the bottles. My new shipment of 2.0 has no seals and I wouldn’t have known unless someone mentioned it here. A change like that should warrant a v2.01 release note, or something.


The release notes are for the product, not for the packaging. From day one 2.0 didn’t have a seal; it was added as a temporary measure to prevent mold, and now that they can they’ve removed it again.


That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t include the packaging. They should be doing changelogs. And that changelog should be easily accessible when you are placing an order. Or emailed if on a subscription.