No second shipment?!



So, I recently got my 1 month order and have absolutely loved it. So much so I ordered another month, but it has put me on the 10-12 week delay?!

I REALLY don’t want to run out, please assist!


(Yes, I used the same email)


As long as you used the same email address, your order will be processed as a reorder. Unfortunately, at this point there is no customer-facing indication that this has happened, it’s something we’re working on.

Your first subscription shipment will be dispatched to you in 1-2 weeks :smile:

Thanks for your support!


Can you confirm mine is on its way? I’m so nervous now ):


Just got the confirmation! That’s a weight off my shoulders!

Can I order another month for siblings as well? I’m not sure how this works for people who were planning on sharing their soylent.


Yes, you can. Once you get to reorder status you can order extra as needed, there are plenty of folks who are buying for the SO, or household.