No small feat...v1.4 has kept my hunger in check today


First real day trying a real world scenario…Me on site at work…

Had 25oz at about 7:45am today and once noon rolled around i wasn’t really hungry per se, just know I better have something to avoid being starving…Yesterday without soylent I was starving all morning .

I ordered lunch and have it here with me at my desk…I’m eating it but def know I won’t finish it.

If this continues, I’ll be one happy a$$ customer…Curbing my hunger was the reason I found soylent in the first place…No version before this has really kept me from feeling hungry all the time

Log your opinions of 1.4 here

This is one of the things I love most about Soylent. It removes the urge to emotionally eat. It’s so satiating it’s scary. =)


If you posted this in Log your opinions of 1.4 here (where I think it belongs, btw), why also create a new topic?

It fits so well in the other topic, why muddle up the discourse by creating another thread? Not to mention that the community guidelines requests we “Don’t cross-post the same thing in multiple topics.”

(Soon I will call you Muddle, not Muggle :smile:)


Thanks for pointing that out. I really appreciate it!

The Moderators here must be swapped, you might consider applying for a job with them…:slight_smile: