No Soylent for me... But its for sale on eBay!


So, they’re shipping the biggest soylent orders first and refilling those orders first… And its ending up on ebay, go figure. And people who have been waiting 6 months to try one week still haven’t gotten crap. Someone didn’t think this through very well. They need to curb these diverters and fill orders for ACTUAL CUSTOMERS WAITING ON PRODUCT FOR THEIR OWN USE.


Unless something has changed any orders made at this point will still take till like October (I think) to receive it. My guess is that people selling on Ebay are selling their first shipment because they either didnt like it or they are wiling to make a few bucks and wait till soylent is readily available.


Look at you and your original ideas!


Please direct all discussion of fulfillment/shipping to the official thread.