No updates from the Soylent team


Haven’t seen any updates since the colbert report on the 11th. not on the soylent blog, nor rob’s nor soylent’s twitter.

Anyone have any news?


I think they’ve generally been mum for whatever reason. What I’m quite sure is not the case is that they skipped town with our money.


I miss the good old weekly updates and blogs heh, but they are still around.


If I may present a simple appeal to @JulioMiles. The cat is out of the bag - shipping has slowed down/stopped bar a few reorders and 5-6 weekers that may have fallen through the cracks. This is compared to the rapid rates we witnessed during fulfillment of 8-12 week orders.

The rest of us have not received our orders and when we get on these forums, we see a number of people who received their soylent complaining about headaches and unbearable gas. This is no longer about managing expectations. The core audience is watching, and opinion is quickly turning sour.

There are obviously challenges in production or supply, but more importantly there has been no communication about these challenges specifically. @JulioMiles, since you’re the VP of Communications for the company, I appeal to you to at the very least acknowledge that there are challenges. Silence is not communication and when there’s silence, people fill the void with their own fabrications.


@JulioMiles @rob - where are you guys?


Julio did say a while ago why they had to communicate less, understandable reasons though I wish they could have stayed in the information shareing mood :confused:


Sounds about right… A VP of something not wanting to do what their department does…


Well said sir. I have recieved my 3 month order, enjoying it. I’m far from average when it comes to intestine issues, so no input from me for that department yet. But I have missed the frequent updates that I, as a fan, still crave.

" Silence is not communication and when there’s silence, people fill the void with their own fabrications." Exactly what I was hoping to pre-empt.

Farted twice while typing this.


The radio silence and halt in shipping is always concerning. I have to think they are doing everything they can since Rob was just on the Colbert Report. You don’t want a flood of new interest landing in your forums that are full of people wondering when they will receive product paid for over a year ago.


Gannas, I always flip when I see your profile pic…


The snark has officially been turned on. I don’t blame @JulioMiles for getting frustrated, given the things some people have said. However, I do hope the team considers the broader implications of their policy of operational silence.

While the team have engineered a highly efficient and holistic product that appeals to the rational side of a lot of the target audience (myself included), there are aspects of any product that appeal to the irrational/emotional side of customers. I’m an analyst - a highly rational decision-maker - and Soylent represents an efficient way to spend my time and money. But the more that I think about why I’m anxious that it’s not here, I seem to land on the point that to me, Soylent is more than that. It represents hope - that I’ll have a healthier lifestyle, be more focused and apply myself more constructively towards my goals. Soylent has taken my money to deliver a product with an unspecified lead-time - that’s the rational, transactional exchange as it stands. But with no updates and a highly deliberate policy silence, hope turns quickly into hopelessness.

I hope that I have conveyed my own personal thoughts on the matter effectively, and hopefully other disgruntled members of the forum can validate these thoughts with their own experience.


Couldn’t have said it better myself


I has the same feels. But now I feel bad you quoted Julio’s response to my joke in the other thread. I was just having some light-hearted fun and I think Julio was too.

Maybe I should say less things.


Wow. I haven’t received that many likes for anything that I’ve posted online ever.


If there has been an actual slowdown in new order shipment I would suspect it is driven not by a change in the product or anything along those lines but rather they have reached critical mass for the time being on resupply. Every NEW order that ships is one more order that has to be accounted for as a potential re-order. Sure they could make some gambles on how many people will or won’t re-order but I suspect they are going forth assuming everyone that gets a shipment is going to want another one before supply exhausts.

Ramp-up seems to be the biggest ongoing challenge. Much of this likely falls on the shoulders of vendors who are quick to promise and slow to deliver (in my experience). I can absolutely understand them limiting communicating expectations because they don’t want people to become disheartened nor do they want to communicate promises of their own based on vendor promises which have failed to materialize.

In my industry we always joke that what we do is really really hard but nobody gives a damn, they just want the product. I imagine the Soylent guys feel the same way. It’s easy to not want to communicate when all you get is heat, especially when many of the vectors are completely out of your control.


In other words, they’re too big for their own good.


Or, they’re too small for their own good, i.e. they could use probably a dozen or more additional employees responding to communications etc… glass half empty/half full, I know, but I’d prefer to see them ramp up their operations rather than scale back their volume. I think the huge interest and the huge number of orders is fantastic; after all, the product was visualized as a potentially seismic shift in human culture, and it may turn out to be just that.


Not only that, but the executive team is lacking. The CEO clearly needs media training, the communication VP sorely needs to communicate more, operations is a cluster, and the lack of food-industry expertise is becoming a bottleneck.

I love the product, but the management needs shaking up. I’ve never seen a company (except maybe Pebble) blow this much cash, press, and goodwill.


please provide information that shows they have blown through cash. I wasnt aware they were publicizing their expenditures.

If you look at the thread about all the press that is found, not sure its more negative…

It is now pretty obvious that there are alternatives to the Soylent product. These posts are not doing anything but showing how adults act like children.

If you think the constant complaining will do anything for you, I would say you grew up in a much different house than I did.

Posting all over forums will not help your cause.

As a comparison I recently purchased a new vehicle. A dealer had one I wanted but they chose to sell at 10K over the sticker price due to the rarity of the car. I kept looking and found one 4 hours away at 2k under sticker.

I sent the manufacture and the dealer management my dissatisfaction with their greediness. I got emails back saying they were sorry i felt that way. I said good luck and would not recommend their dealer. Thats it. 2 emails to management and then moved on. Did i expect them to change their mind after my emails…Nope! They know my position. They know the lost a customer and know I wont send them other business. They will take note and respond accordingly.

Thats it…Sorry you fell this way. I can wholeheartedly tell you that the staff is just as upset as you are about not getting the product. They just cant do anything about it. They are doing their best…but its how it is.


I wasn’t aware they were publicizing their operational details.