No updates on shipping since 8/8?


Is there a new shipping updates thread? It has been past the 18 weeks ETA I was given, and I’m wondering where to go to look for updates


adding @Soylent for you


Hey @ZeusThunder – Please PM your order-email address and I’d be happy to check on your order for you.


Hi @Soylent , thanks for the reply. I don’t have permission to PM yet, but I don’t mind posting my email here. It is
Thanks for taking a look


Been over 20 weeks on my 4 week supply order. Think you could check on my order too @Soylent?


@Samwise12 Your subscription is scheduled to begin shipping within 2 weeks. You’ll receive a tracking number via email in that timeframe. Thanks for your patience!


@ZeusThunder Your subscription is also scheduled to ship within 2 weeks – email with tracking number will be sent to you. Thanks!


@Soylent Can you check mine for me as well? Im at… I dont even know 20 week mark or something.


@AceofSpades67 Your one-time order is estimated to ship in 3-4 weeks. Our apologies for the delays – thanks for your patience!


@Soylent Ok thanks, how do I change it to a re-occurring order? When I ordered I wasnt aware that their were “subscriptions” to soylent and I would like that. how do I set that up? Will it prolong my wait time or give me a lapse where I wont have soylent?


Make another, subscription, order, and as an existing customer, you’ll start getting it within 1-2 weeks of your first order.


thankyou, I am just affraid of waiting another 5 months haha


A general update would be nice… i.e. how long until Rosa Labs expects to be shipping new orders in less than 2 months from purchase date? Or one month… or… on demand… :open_mouth:
Also it might be nice to update the main FAQ on which still refers to everything as Soylent 1.0…


Don’t worry, you’ll be fine!


Hi @Soylent, I’m at 19 1/2 weeks (6/22) so I’m hoping I’m in this group as well.


I think its safe to say if you made the order in June you’re getting your soylent within 30 days from now?

At least I hope so…because I ordered mid july and I’m really hoping to get mine in december


As I saw from May shipments on the tracker:
May 6 order - October 6 tracking email (exactly 5 months)
May 17 order - October 15 tracking email

Now it’s November 5, and almost nobody after June 6 order received tracking email.
@ZeusThunder have waited 18 weeks and asked to wait extra 2.

So far 4.75-5 months gap (20-21 week) is holding surprisingly accurately already for the last 5 weeks.
I don’t see a reason why it will change a lot, unless there is some anomaly in orders (due to spike of promotions) or even more upgrades to production (that was not shared publicly and will be of little value with current limits of rice protein availability).

@Soylent , can you say a word about “golden” 20 weeks to be changed in near to mid future?
I assume it could go to 5-15 weeks some time in winter in long run, but we have no idea when decrease is expected to start.


I ordered June 9th and got my 1 month recurring about 2 weeks ago, Oct 18th??


@AceofSpades67 Looks like @asympt answered your question pretty well – once your single order is shipped, your email will be flagged as priority and all subsequent shipments placed with that email will ship within 1-2 weeks.

@Dana Your 6/22 order is indeed estimated to ship in the 3-4 week timeframe.

@locness We’re hoping to ship mid July orders by Dec/Jan but no solid estimates yet. Thanks for your patience!

Official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread [updated 8/8]

Thank you, @Soylent. Looking forward to the first shipment!