No way to just create a new private message?


I wanted to send a PM to someone but it seems the only way one can do that, is to find a message by the person and click their name within, and send the PM from there.

I had, perhaps wrongly, assumed I could just go into the messages area and “create new message” like any normal email/messaging client. Doesn’t seem to be the case however. Can anyone shed light on the best way to send a specific person a PM that is not based on any particular message of theirs?


The only way I’ve found is to click on the person’s image, choose “view profile,” and then send them a direct message from there.


Yeah same here… seriously lame, was hoping there was some other way. I can’t always easily find a message by the specific person, or at least not nearly as fast as clicking a simple “new message” button, addressing it to them, and creating the message. :frowning:


Actually, I found a decent way. Turns out the search function works on user names too, so just put the name in there, click their name when it shows up in the list of results, and click Private Message… and you’re off to the races. Not too bad.


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I think the solution here looks good.

It would probably be helpful if we added a way to trigger a new PM from your own profile page too.


YES! That was very much what I was looking for - a central obvious place to create a new PM from. One’s own profile page, or the main PM box page, were the most obvious places to look initially.