Nomva grab-and-go pouches

Anyone ever heard of these?

I hadn’t heard of them until I saw an article about them raising Series A funding. It basically just sounds like fruit puree with probiotics added, unless I am missing something. (?) The article says they will be expanding into Whole Foods regions soon, so I guess they are gaining a foothold.

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A lot of calories in those little pouches? But there is like 5 calories from fat. Looks interesting! The multi-pack is 35 bucks for 10 pouches, so 3.50 each? Isn’t really a meal but more of a snack. Probably better off with Soylent :stuck_out_tongue:

5% of the calories are from fat and calories from fat are not inherently bad, please stop making that claim on multiple threads, it’s very anti-science. @synapticsmith took the time to calmly explain that recently, so I’ll just link to that post.


Reached out to them. They don’t have the manpower to ship at the moment but if I’m ever in the SoCal area they will give me some on the house!

Hopefully they expand their market to other states and stores. Would like to try this. Feel this would be great for kids!

Looks pretty bad to me, they’re mostly packets of sugar with added fiber and vitamin C and/or A. Mediocre product with modern marketing.