Non-Celiac gluten sensitivity may not exist


The same doctor that published a study finding that gluten affects non-celiac people went through and did a new study under much more controlled conditions. He found that any diet, even the same as the baseline one, caused more problems. More details here:


This is awesome. The “gluten is the source of all evils” crowd really drives me nuts. Thanks for sharing.


Interesting. I’ve been gluten-free for more than half my life thanks to a wheat allergy, but a couple years ago, I had an allergy test that said I’m not allergic anymore.

However, sometimes eating products containing gluten will make me really tired, which I tended to attribute to a sugar crash (or some gluten sensitivity). But now that I’ve discovered that the same thing happens for me with masa harina, I’m wondering if it’s actually a sensitivity to some sort of preservative that is used in some baked goods as well as the masa harina!

Hmmm… Gluten intelorance actually preservative intolerance in disguise?! :open_mouth:


Bright side for anyone who was counting on Soylent to help with non-Celiac gluten sensitivity, from a quick glance, it looks to me like Soylent is low in FODMAPs.


Here’s the Stanford Hospital’s low-FODMAP diet guidelines.


Upon further consideration, I hope they redo this test over a longer period of time. The first week of changing diets can be hell on the digestive system. (I did the ketogenic diet thing, one time. Oof. I also lived in China for 9 weeks; oof, on both sides of the trip.)

Food sensitivity tests have you go allergen-free for 2-3 weeks before you go reintroducing things, and then you do it one by one, keeping to the allergen-free diet otherwise.

So, he might be right, but the point is far from proven, in either direction.

Also, I would like to see more studies on food sensitivities’ relation to other kinds of inflammation, besides digestive. There’s a whole slew of foods that make arthritis worse, plus another slew they suspect MIGHT, if you have a sensitivity; gluten is in that second group.

Mostly, I want to know if my worsened arthritis symptoms after eating gluten are in my head or not. :slight_smile: